Patty Griffin Brings Soulful Touch to American Kid

Patty Griffin is a gifted singer and songwriter that has captivated listeners throughout the world. I have been a fan of her music for few years now. My love of her songs has been fairly steady, although I have suspected for awhile whether she'd ever release a true classic material. I very much like her previous effort Downtown Church, but perhaps because it's got more of a soulful vibe; it's always seemed to be more of a niche record for Griffin.

Upon first hearing Griffin’s new album American Kid, which she was written to honor her father, I found it to be relaxing and very much entertaining, but not too soulful or terrific. After all, nothing can compare to the jolt you feel the first time you hear her voice, and some of her previous efforts are so touching and remarkably charismatic. But multiple listens to her latest offering has gradually thrust itself deeper into my heart and I found myself in awe of how touching and amazing this piece of work is.

The album opens with the beautifully soulful number "Go Wherever You Wanna Go" and ends with the moving, organ-accompanied "Gonna Miss You When You're Gone." Robert Plant, the lead vocalist of the rock band Led Zeppelin has lent his hand on three songs: Ohio, Faithful Son and Highway Song.

Unlike Griffin’s previous efforts, American Kid gives the impression of taking things a step further and reflecting life and all its complexity, but her voice still has so much soul and passion to it that makes you listen and hang on to her every word.

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