Pet Shop Boys (PSB) return with 12th Outing, Electric

I still remember in mid 1987 first hearing "It's a Sin" and wondering who is this group? I have never looked back. A late entry to the new wave movement of the early eighties, the Pet Shop Boys (PSB) came along around the period Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) and The Human League came along, and jointly they have stood the test of time.

It surprises me how people always tend to compare an artist's latest work to their previous efforts. They have a tendency to believe the artist must always try to make more of the same music particularly if their previous effort was a huge success. PSB have never adapted this way of believing and have always tried to push the musical boundaries.

For their 12th outing “Electric”, PSB have collaborated with the Grammy winning record artist Stuart Price in an effort to return to core values and do again their pop relevance. The British singer, Example, who is well known amongst rap audiences, also lends a hand on single "Thursday". In addition to a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s "The last to die", “Electric” will have eight brand new tracks and Axis will serve as the album’s opener.