Pikmin 3 playable characters and gameplay details revealed

Nintendo President recently revealed more details and release date for their up coming video game Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. Thus, the action adventure starts on July 26, and will include three new playable characters to be particularly accessible to newcomers.

The three characters of the action adventure called Alph, Brittany and Charlie. The last one is the captain of the ship. They are flying through the universe in search of new food sources as their planet is starving and food is in short supply. However, the spaceship crashes in mid-air and lands on a completely new planet. Although that is full of riches and plenty of food, but everything is much larger than they have thought! Good that you run the Pikmin on the road. They help the three out on the hostile world and bear fruit around them.

As usual, in the third installment of the Pikmin game series, player must combine the colors of Pikmin wisely in order to collect and bring more fruits to their ship. For this, players will always have a day time but at night it's too dangerous to go outside. If you lose too many Pikmins on the way, either by mistake or due to enemy attacks, you can restart the game at any time of the day or even bounce back in time and experience a different day again.

Pikmin 3 Gameplay footage

Pikmin 3, gameplay