Xbox One: Microsoft Can Now See Your Living Room

The Microsoft new Xbox One is a powerful game console - but above all a powerful market research tool. The console will work as the main input device that control all your multimedia devices in the living room - which means that they will always know what is being consumed. They can observe you, who, when sitting in front of the TV, which commercial you mostly enjoy, who looks the other way or stands up to get a beer. Xbox marketing Chief Yusuf Mehdi said “I know who you are, what you want and how you want it."

Face Detection Running On The Xbox One Console

The face recognition runs on the device itself and not in the data cloud, assured high demand for the console. Yaron Galitzky, development head for the console camera, said in an exclusive presentation: "Kinect knows not only who is in the room, it also knows who has which controller in hand." Yaron demonstrated the functionality of the new console in front of live camera. The developer-view screen showed several variables: facial expression ("sad / happy / neutral"), attention ("yes / no"), talks ("yes / no"), left / right eye ("open / closed"), mouth ("open / closed"). He said, so now you know, "Who is in the room? What they do? and how they feel. We can do that not just for one or two, but for up to six players.”

Xbox One, Console, front view
Such information might be interest for developers of TV formats and advertisers. On a question of the market research capabilities of the new Xbox One Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios for development, replied with examples: "What reacts the audience? Who do you like? Which storylines you should expand?" The boundaries between the viewer and the creator will be torn down" today. He also said that "we know what people are busy. We can feed it to the vote and their voice in the creative process." Here he talked about active feedback, live voting or the use of additional information on current programs. But the camera technology allows the console much more.

Microsoft Wants To Produce Their Own Videos

Microsoft wants to pass this information not only to other market participants but also to the group is in the process to transform itself into a producer of interactive television entertainment. Microsoft has set up a studio in Los Angeles, which is to produce your own TV content.

If the users actually use the Xbox One; Microsoft's vision provides that the device could be the most powerful data collector, data collector to the young industry has ever seen. For a global tech company like Microsoft access options also does not end when someone changes the screen: after all, Windows operating systems still run on most PCs around the globe and there are Windows tablets and Windows phones. An Xbox account is identical to the Microsoft user's account usually. So how Google captures the search behavior of the network, Microsoft could now watch the TV and media consumption among its registered users.

If Microsoft's new console works the way it was intended, then it is the television innovation, the market expects from Apple for years. And at the same time the first serious attack on Google in terms of the collection of consumer data.

Xbox One, Backside, Panel Xbox One Hardware Specifications

The hardware uses such as Sony's Playstation 4 an SOC with an 8-core CPU and GPU from AMD and 8 GB of RAM. Unlike Sony, which put the PS4 on fast GDDR 5 memory, Microsoft deft use cache memory, which certainly constitutes a bandwidth of over 200 GB / s. Games should therefore distinguish the two rival consoles just as on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Xbox One has a Blu-ray drive with slot-in-slot and a hard drive with 500 GB. Also, the power supply is now in the console housing. The CPU and the multitasking GPU could turn down individual areas and even off to reduce the absorption line. Peripheral devices can be connected via USB 3.0, WLAN chip spark at 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

Xbox One, Controller
Xbox One Controller Features

The controller is much similar to the current model for the Xbox 360. However, there are some enhancements: a battery for the power supply, a more precise digital control pad and shoulder vibrating lever. It transmits its signals via WiFi Direct to the console, which aims to reduce the latency and increase the reception area.

Xbox One Can Be Connected To A HDMI Ready TV Receiver

Xbox One Can be connected to a TV receiver via HDMI. It supports 4K resolutions, but games will probably not be rendered at this resolution. Microsoft demonstrated how quickly and easy it'll switch between the games and the current TV programs.

Xbox One Has A Powerful Kinect Camera

The new Kinect camera uses a RGB and a TOF sensor. It will recognize you in full size and will allow gestures and voice control, and personalized entertainment. Your RGB lens is now 1080 and a rate of 30 frames per second work with a resolution of 1920 x. The depth information is to be obtained via a proprietary time-of-flight sensor. Thanks to the wide-angle optics, the field of view is to increase by 60 percent.

Users can operate their TV equipment through a voice command to the Kinect. The Xbox one sends further commands via infrared transmitter at the remote control sensor of the TV and AV receiver. Also gestures are recognized.

Xbox One Runs On Windows Kernel Operating System

Windows kernel ensures quick switching between games, television and takes care of the web applications.

Xbox One, blu-ray, Discs
Xbox One Games (discs) Can Be Resale

Players can resale their Xbox one games when linking to another account, however, they must pay a fee.

Old Xbox 360 Games Will Not Run On The New Xbox One Console

Xbox 360, Game Discs
Old Xbox 360 games whether from disc or as a download, will not run on the new Xbox One console, said Xbox Live Vice President Mark Whitten. Due to number of reasons such as change of the architecture from the PowerPC to the x86.

List of Xbox One Games Confirmed So Far

Quantum Break
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Madden NFL 25
Forza Motorsport 5
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Watch Dogs
NBA Live 14

Microsoft wants to introduce more games for the Xbox One at E3 trade show in Los Angeles.