A New Still from Elysium, Damon as Max and Foster as Delacourt

Sony Pictures has released a new still from their upcoming sci-fi film ELYSIUM, Matt Damon appears together with armed Sharlton Copley.

The film also features Alice Braga ( The Rite ), Wagner Moura ( Elite Squad 2 - The Enemy Within ), Jodie Foster, Diego Luna and William Fichtner.

"It's a movie unlike anything you've ever seen and not necessarily a film about aliens. In his directorial debut “District 9”, Blomkamp has made one of the best films. Believe that this one has the opportunity to be even better," said the producer Simon Kinberg.

In the year 2159 the human race is separated into two classes: the few richest people who live in a generous space station called Elysium, and the rest, who lives in a decrepit and overcrowded Earth. The Secretary Rhodes is of the government and is literally for the defense of the luxury status of the space station. It has very strict anti-immigration laws to preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of the space station. This does not prevent the people of Earth to try to get there in any way possible. When the unlucky Max is placed against the wall, he agrees to participate in a daunting mission that, if successful, will save not only his life, but also the others living in Earth.

A New Still, Elysium, Featuring Damon as Max, Foster as Delacourt

Elysium will debut in the USA on August 09, 2013