Adam Sandler is fighting against evil spirits in Hello Ghost

Adam Sandler has been confirmed for his next project: the comedian will play the role of a man who can speak with ghosts after couple of failed suicide attempts in Hello Ghost, the remake of Young-Tak Kim's Korean comedy film "Hellowoo Goseuteu" of 2010.

There is nothing new that the Hollywood film-makers love to secure the rights to foreign films if they see there is potential for success. With national box office earnings of nearly $ 20 million, ahead of many international films, Hellowoo Goseuteu reached 9th place in 2010. Now the whole thing is going to remake with comedian Adam Sandler (That's My Boy) in the lead role.

The story is about a man who starts to see evil sprits after a number of unsuccessful suicide attempts. Strictly speaking, four in number, all of which have unfinished business and now seeking his help. In return, they promise not to bother him and even grant him a wish.

Chris Columbus will helm the project base on a script by Karen Croner and Sandler will produce the film through his Happy Madison Productions.

There is no word yet on when this project will actually go into production, but Sandler’s fans can look forward to seeing him on the big screen next month as Grown Ups 2 will hit theaters on July 11, 2013.