Black Swan star in talks for Lead Role in "Dare Me"

Black Swan star Natalie Portman is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Fox 2000's upcoming film Dare Me, based on the young adult novel by Megan Abbott.

Natalie is one of those actors who has been in the film industry since she was a kid. The common scenario is that they are history the minute they become adults. Some of them, for one, were adorable kids and are not especially attractive adults but they are caught in an image business. Natalie did not have such issue. She delivered a great performance in 2010 film Black Swan and won several awards for her performance including Golden Globe Award and Academy Award.

According to “Deadline" Michael Sucsy, who directed the Grey Gardens (2009 film) and The Vow (2012) is onboard to direct the adaptation.

The story focuses on the relationship between two high school cheerleaders, Addy and Beth. They were best pals but fairly on the outs with each other, and their connection with their new coach, Colette French, who pushes the group to be their best, but also leads them down the wrong path as they gets caught up in a suicide case.

It is unclear on what role Natalie will be playing. Many suggested that she might be more suited to play the role of Coach Colette French since she is bit older to portray one of the teenage cheerleaders.