Double Fine’s Massive Chalice reached funding target

Almost one week after the fundraising campaign of Double Fine’s Massive Chalice via Kickstarter reached its target of $725000. Nearly 20,000 supporters have contributed to the project and it has been raised over $ 733K so far. The crowd-funding project is still in progress for another 23 days. Additional goals have not been given to the designer, but according to Kickstarter the scope of the game is to develop based on the promised funds

Massive chalice is described as a mixture of strategy and tactic game for the PC, Mac and Linux. It is a turn based battle to defend the kingdom against enemies. At the tactical level, you must fight with small squads against the invading hordes. At the strategic level, the player must manage his kingdom, arranged marriages and research. And eventually you have the option to decide whether you want to get marry and have children or continue to fight at the front? Each campaign begins with randomly chosen female and male heroes and therefore, offers great replay value.

The release date for Massive Chalice is currently set in September 2014.