Elton John, QOTSA produced the best rock album of recent times

Sir Elton John has been invited to perform in "... Like Clockwork, "the recently released album from Queens Of The Stone Age. For the pianist, the band fronted by Josh Homme made what is most likely "the best rock album for the past five or six years."

The veteran can be heard playing piano on the song "Fairweather Friends." In an interview with British newspaper Daily Star, Sir Elton John said he had never played with a rock band as QOSA and that the experience had been one of the most exciting things of his entire career.

The singer has also performed with many other famous pop artists around the world, in a long list ranging from John Lennon to Kanye West. Besides veteran’s praised, Josh Homme has other reasons to celebrate. " ... Like Clockwork "could become the first album of his band to reach the top of the UK charts. To achieve the feat, the album just need to keep ahead of the closest competitor, "Settle", the debut album of Disclosure.

Elton John, Fairweather Friends, QOTSA