Fantasia Music Evolved confirmed to feature over 25 hit songs

With Dance Central Harmonix had brought one of the most successful music video games for Microsoft's Kinect. The studio remains faithful to the Microsoft's game consoles and announced today, that they will bring new music video game titled Fantasia: Music Evolved for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The titled is inspired by Disney's Fantasia oldies - and the group then acts as publisher of the game.

Using gestures to switch music in all sorts of settings and bring it to play, unlike the previous titles in which you have to be really accurate when you press the preset buttons or responding to certain gestures on the screen, but Fantasia clearly fix this issue.

The game will feature over 25 songs from well known artists and bands, including Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody), Bruno Mars (Looked Out Of Heaven), Kimbra (Settle Down) AVICII (levels) and Fun (Some Nights). In addition to the original version of a song, there will be two remix versions at the beginning.

As usual with Harmonix, Fantasia Music Evolved will probably get more extras via DLCs. Fantasia: Music Evolved is set to release in 2014 and will be presented at E3.