First Look at Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover in Prisoners

The first, very intense trailer has arrived for the upcoming thriller "Prisoners" starring Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover and Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki. The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve ("The woman who sings").

Keller Dover is going through the worst nightmare in his life as his six year old daughter and her friend are missing. Slowly increases the panic. The only trace is an old vehicle that was parked on the roadside. The Detective Loki arrested the owner of the vehicle, he is the only suspect, but must release him due to lack of evidence. Since the life of his child is at stake, Dover decides to take matters into his own hands. The desperate father will do everything to find his girl but how far can he go?

Now the film gets its first trailer released - and gives us the impression that the star-studded thriller is very exciting and very intense. Besides, Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine: Way of the Warrior") and Jake Gyllenhaal ("Source Code"), Melissa Leo ("Oblivion"), Maria Bello ("Grown Ups 2"), Terrence Howard ("Red Tails "), Viola Davis (" The Help ") and Paul Dano (" loopers ") are also playing supporting roles in" Prisoners". Ten times Oscar nominated cinematographer, Roger Deakins "James Bond 007: Skyfall" also lends his expertise to this project.

Hugh Jackman, Prisoners, Scene

Hugh Jackman, Prisoners

Prisoners will arrive in cinemas on September 20, 2013