Garmin Monterra: New Outdoor Navigation System with Android OS

Outdoor navigation systems are robust, and can do nothing but Navigation off the roads. Now, the U.S. manufacturer Garmin has introduced the first real outdoor navigation system: THE GARMIN MONTERRA, an outdoor navigation device that runs on Android Operating System 4.0.4 and comes with stable and waterproof covering.

What’s special about Monterra?

The Monterra can be used to download your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. This allows users such as campers, mountain climbers and hikers to find out their exact locations using GPS and GLONASS satellites. However, the Monterra contains no mobile module - data transfer works via a Wi-Fi connecting on a phone.

The Monterra’s Smart Sensors

The Monterra equipped with UV sensors that determines sun burning, a three-axis magnetic compass to determine the correct direction, a barometer to measure the altitude, pulse, temperature, and several other sensors (ANT technology).

The Monterra’s Multi-Touch Display

Monterra comes with 4” diagonal (10.2 cm), color display with a resolution of 480x272 pixels and be operated with gloves. It is very bright and readable even in direct sunlight.

Sharp Pictures and Full-HD videos

The Monterra has - unlike the previous version - an eight-megapixel camera with LED flash and Full HD video mode on board.

The outdoor Navigation system weighs 326g grams and operates with lithium-ion battery or with three ordinary AA batteries.