Nintendo to withdraw all Wii U 8GB Basic Sets from the market

Nintendo’s latest console Wii U is known to be available in two models: the Basic edition with 8 GB of internal memory as well as a premium edition with 32GB. Now, Kotaku have learned from a reliable source that GameStop has issued a memo to its retailers to return all Wii U 8 GB Basic Sets by June 18, 2013. Since that process takes place in advance of E3, the blog believes that there is a connection with the exhibition.

A possible scenario: Nintendo will reduce the price of the premium edition to boost the sale. The stores would therefore, make more space available in the warehouse to accommodate additional premium items.

When reached for comment on this matter, Nintendo representative said that they do not comment on their business practices with vendors.

A price reduction would surely what retailers and third-party want in the face of sluggish sales of the hardware. Nintendo itself had of course previously opposed such measure and refer to improve marketing strategy, and planned for the summer and the Christmas games.

In the case of 3DS, the company had argued in a similar way, but made the price reduction a year after the launch of the product.


Nintendo has clarified that their Wii U 8 GB Basic Sets will continue to be available in the market

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