Post-Apocalyptic Epic Oblivion on DVD/BD with extras in August

The visually stunning post apocalyptic epic "Oblivion" is heading into your home theaters with extras and bonus features in August.

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is stationed as a security technician on the almost completely destroyed and uninhabited earth. But when he finds out a survivor in a routine work, this begins a chain of events and all of a sudden the fate of humanity is in his hands.

Joseph Kosinski ("Tron: Legacy") directed the sci-fi adventure "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko in the lead roles. The film managed to score reasonably well at the box office. It has earned $274 million so far with a $120M budget.

Universal will release the blockbuster on August 06, 2013 on DVD and Blu-ray, and the digital download will be available on July 23, 2013. The Blu-ray disc will come with an audio commentary, a separate soundtrack, a making of the film and unreleased scenes.

Oblivion Complete Extras are listed below:

Oblivion DVD and Blu-ray Tech specs