Psy may collaborate with Queen Guitarist Brian May on a song

The world renowned South Korean singer and the creator of “Gangnam Style" PSY is said to be talking with Queen’s Guitarist Brian May about a partnership. Speaking to BBC Radio station 1, the singer claimed to have met May to discuss about a duet. "Do you remember that I was and I am a big fan of the rock band Queen? It seems like I am going to have a brunch with Brian May tomorrow, “said Psy to the presenter Scott Mills. Asked if he is going to work with the British musician, Psy said: "It seems like yes. I don’t know, I'll just have a meal with him tomorrow, but I'm super excited. The group was an inspiration to me since I was 14 or 15 years - until now.

Recently, the new single from the South Korean singer Psy, " Gentleman , " reached Top 10 in 21 countries. "'I am working on my first album at the moment, so I am hoping to release it in September," said the singer.

See the music video for Psy’s new single “Gentleman” below: