Soundbrace Makes your Air Guitar Hearable

With Soundbrace you can hear what's playing in the air guitar.

Most music lovers did an air guitar at some point in their lives! But now, with a device called Soundbrace you will be able to play a real guitar in the air.

The device comes with two bracelets, which you can wear on each arm and they detect your hand and finger movements, and what note you are playing. The most fun part is that you can hear this through a headset. It works by using motion technology like Leap Motion which let’s you run PCs via gestures, which let’s you use the electrical movement in your fingers to wirelessly run digital devices.

This device is just a concept for now but who knows, maybe in the near future, you’ll be playing an air guitar and rocking out to your favorite song using this device.


  1. I would like to get in touch with the person or company with this idea. I may have interest in a partnership.

    Charlie Miles
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