The Last of Us more details for Supply Raid / Survivor multiplayer modes

New details have emerged for multiplayer modes of the Naughty Dog’s upcoming action video game THE LAST OF US. Erin Daly, mainly responsible for the multiplayer, explains their unique approach to the game

The Last of Us chooses to focus on elements rather than slow wild Plink. Daly said: "The market is filled with action-oriented games we have tried slower to integrate more tactical elements" Also, finding resources and assembling of weapons will be our main concern.

In keeping with the strategic approach is the clan system. You take care of different characters over a period of twelve weeks. You start in a clan with 5 persons. Close its battles in multiplayer as successful, even your clan expanded. This means that you need more food and shelter and diseases are easily unseen.

To improve the skills of your clan, complete their multiplayer missions that are specifically designed. At the end of each mission you will receive an equivalent amount of money that you can invest in new weapons or armor improvements.

The Last of Us offers two different multiplayer modes "Supply Raid" and "Survivor". The latter mode does not return after a short time when you die.

Daly further said "Our focus is on depth, we wanted to bring a variety of tactical elements to the game than heaps of different modes"

In addition to expand the multiplayer mode, Naughty Dog has also been working on three additional contents for The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is set to hit stores on 14th June exclusively for the PS3.