The Last of Us Walkthrough: Bill’s Town: 11 Artifacts, 3 Firefly Pendants, 1 Training Guidebook

Artifact 1: Pills Note

After we left the forest we’ll get the melee upgrade, then we come across a clicker in a small storage room. In the second floor of the same building you will find the note to the pills.

Artifact 2: Note from the Perimeter

At the end of the road, where we also find the Firefly badge on the roof of the caravan, there is also a record store. In the back of the store you will find the note.

Artifact 3: Note to Rachel

It is in the second floor of the building, turn off the runner on the top floor and then pick up the note to Rachel.

Artifact 4: Bill's Map

Straight after the cutscene with Bille and Ellie you can see the Map on the counter.

Artifact 5: Fence Note

In the back room you will find another note to Bill.

Artifact 6: Hunter’s Note

On the upper floor of the bar you will find a rundown bedroom. It is on the table with many beer bottles.

Artifact 7: Boy’s Diary

Now we are in another house and Bill wants us to help him to lift the green gate. Instead, we first go to the top floor and the boy's diary in the nursery.

Artifact 8: Note from Frank

After we have found Frank in the house and the runaway car, we go back to the corner of the house and find the letter from him to Bill.

Artifact 9: Note 2 from Frank

Take this note and run with it to Frank. After the dialogue you can have another Note.

Artifact 10: Bombs Note

Once you arrived at Bill's house, you take the stairs to the second floor and walk into the back room of the church. Here you will find the note lying on a table.

Artifact 11:

You will get this artifact automatically at the end of the chapter.

Firefly Pendant 1: Hui Wang

At the end of the road you will find a caravan. Climb to the next parked police car to get to the roof and grab the Pendant.

Firefly Pendant 2: Peter Mrozik

Once we get out of the cemetery, we end up in a small garden full of infected people. Here we find a house. On the ground floor, on the washing machine you will find the next Pendent.

Firefly Pendant 3: Alex Raymond Vincent

On the way to Bill's house you go into an area full of clicker and Runner. There is a street light in front of the ambulance. There you will find the next Pendant.

Training Guidebook 1:

In the bar, right after Bill rescues you, you will find the first training guidebook next to one of the artifacts on the counter.