The Last of Us Walkthrough: Pittsburgh - 17 Artifacts, 3 Firefly Pendants, 4 Training Guidebook, 4 Comics

Artifact 1: Tourist Manifest

After the firefight, the gate is pulled up and in the smaller room there is not only the manifest but also the level 2 tool, new smoke bombs.

Artifact 2: Ambush Map

The door at the end of the corridor leads you into a room where you will find the map. Also, your weapons can be improved further with new tool here.

Artifact 3: Lost Hill Note

Joel and Ellie soon come to an abandoned checkpoint. Ellie will comment on the fact that there are no more guards here and on the right side of the wax cabin you will find the note.

Artifact 4: Applicant's Checklist

Next, you will meet three hunters and the next artifact is not too far. Go right through the open window in the abandoned industrial buildings and grab the checklist, which is below the stairs.

Artifact 5: Lost Area Map

On the upper floor of the abandoned industrial building you will find a locked door in the right corner. This needs to be broken with a Shiv and inside you will find many supplies and the Map.

Artifact 6: Stash-Note

As part of the story Joel must get out of the water and climb on the truck. However, there is a rear area in the cafe where Joel can swim to. Here some stairs leading to a hiding place where you will find the next artifact.

Artifact 7: Hotel Keycard

After falling, you have to climb to the top and the back of the hall you will find the keycard.

Artifact 8: Fireflies Note

In Pittsburgh Café, there is a back room where two corpses are hanging, you will find the next artifact there.

Artifact 9: Mob Attack Note

On the second floor of the building you will find the note behind the desk.

Artifact 10: Truck-note

On the dead soldiers Ellie will drop a comment that reads "Death for Freedom". Here you will find your next artifact, the truck note.

Artifact 11: Traitor’s Flyer

After the checkpoint, you will arrive in a larger area and in the center of this area you will find the artifact on the wall.

Artifact 12: Abandon Zone Note

In the building, you walk to the back side on the first floor and in the first office on the right you will find the artifact.

Artifact 13: Letter from Mother

This artifact can be found easily. After a cutscene, move to the left where you have to break and open a door that was marked with an X.

Artifact 14: Note to Staff

Once you arrived at the hotel, you have to use a ladder to climb to the second floor and then run to the right until you have reached the elevator doors, where you will find the note.

Artifact 15: final Attack Note

You walk to the second floor where you will find your artifact behind one of the tables in the corner.

Artifact 16: Trial Note

Once you have the last firefly pendant, you come to an office. There is a new artifact on the floor.

Artifact 17:

Another artifact you get at the beginning of the chapter automatically.

Firefly Pendant 1: Kazden Risk

You will encounter three hunters near the checkpoint. Once you get rid of them, it opens the road to the right into an alley. There is a Pendant in the back corner.

Firefly pendant 2: Colby Reed

This pendant can be found on a women's restroom cabin.

Firefly Pendant 3: Lucas Rios

At the beginning Henry and Sam climb on the truck and then come into a house. There you take the first door on the left and find the pendant on the toilet are.

Training Guidebook 1: Health: Splinting

After the tourists Manifest was sacked, Ellie finds the sleeping place of the gang members. There you will find the training Manual.

Training Guidebook 2: Molotov: Construction

After you've met your new companion from Hartford, you can search the building for supplies. The upgrade for your Molotovs, you can find it on a table in the kitchen.

Training Guidebook 3: Melee: Knots

On a table next to the ladies room you will find another exercise book.

Training Guidebook 4: Shiv: Reinforcement

After you've collected the note to staff, go back to downstairs. There you will find a small safe. You can extract the code from the above-mentioned note.

Comic 1: Termination Shock

Along the channel, comic for Ellie can be found on the right side of a bus, next to a dead body.

Comic 2: Deep Phase

With your new colleagues from Hartford, in the apartment, go down the floor. There you need a Shiv to break the door. In the apartment you will find not only necessary supplies and shotgun bullets, but also a new comic for children, including Ellie.

Comic 3: Accretion

After you walk through the kitchen and climb up the ladder. In the next room you have to squeeze through on the left and you will see the comic on the opposite side of the area.

Comic 4: Force Carrier

The first comic book in your inventory is one of the hidden objects and Ellie finds it automatically as part of the story.