The Night of the Rabbit: Complete Guide to Solve all Puzzles

Since the solution to the many mysteries in The Night of the Rabbit is often not clear, we have compiled a complete solution that leads you step by step through the game.

Table of Contents

The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 1: Introduction and Tutorial
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 2: Baking cakes and the magic ritual
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 3: Welcome to Mousewood
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 4: Deliver mail, go sailing and Goblins
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 5: Fresh juice of the blue dwarfs
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 6: Final preparations before training
The Night of the Rabbit walkthrough 7: A cake for the rabbits' party
The Night of the Rabbit walkthrough 8: Goblins and a new spell
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 9: Trip to Japan
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 10: The Arctic and the Whale
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 11: The future of hunting and lizards
The Night of the Rabbit walkthrough 12: Crystal statues and the Labyrinth
The Night of the Rabbit Walkthrough 13: The play and the final

Introduction and Tutorial

The beginning of a new story

After you have started the atmospheric menu the game runs a short video in which a voice regretfully called a student of magic, and that could have been prevented its deeds.

You control the rabbit figure in a suit and speak with a mouse click to the scarecrow. This asks us for our names, we only nod mutely. Then she asks if we have lost our way. We will reply and the Scarecrow offers us to explore the beginning of our story and we follow her.

We discover the 12-year-old boy Jerry Hazel, who lives with his mother in a cabin and looks forward to the remaining two days of his summer vacation.

The Night of the Rabbit, First Screen
Walkthrough – Tutorial

The radio comes on and tells us imaginatively to control the game. To be a little sportier, we should pick up the practice of items and pick up the basket on the windowsill, as usual, by simply clicking on it. Use the mouse wheel to scroll down to the opening inventory and view by right-clicking items in your inventory. Then we should use the baskets by left clicking where it unfortunately breaks. But do not worry, this is also a part of the tutorial and the voice tells us as we combine items in the inventory.

Baking cakes and the magic ritual

The Ingredients for The Cake

First collect one of the carrots from the carrot bed and then eat one of the strawberries from the field next to it. We get the job of mom to collect a currant cake and make our way. We engage in the secret hiding place next to the small bench and take with matches, bangers and a gold coin, hidden inside.

Next, collect the drinks can on the left side of the tree. On the far right, next to the road to the city, you’ll find the blackberry bush, but thorny. Therefore, only follows the path deeper into the woods. Right on the shore of the pond there is a small stick, take it and go back to the bush. Used the stick on thorny bush, once the way is clear, you collect more ripe blackberries and ripe blackberries. Then use the stick to clear the spider web and collect the third portion of the blackberry. Now return to home.

The magical ritual

A magic letter flies into the mailbox. Open this by clicking on it twice. Open your inventory and read the letter by right click. Now you will be asked to take the game instructions at hand and look up with the magic coin from the games pack on a particular page and select the two correct figures with the arrow keys.

Now you have the instruction to perform a spell after the previously read loud recipe. Return to the forest. Complete with the floor and the acorns from the tree.

Return to the woods where the path tree and the pond located. Then use the chalk on the stone figure that looks like a toad. Collect a tree bark that put the squirrel in the middle of the mushroom circle. Now sets the crumbly limestone on the flat rock beside the big stone. Now highlight the large stone and it smashed the lime.

Open your inventory and now the lime powder (chalk powder) mixed with rotten Pops, as described in the recipe, and pack the mixture into the empty Coke can. Give the bark of squirrels, acorns and also with the carrot into the can. Now go to the crossroads and spread the mixture on the floor in the middle and set it on your match. Look at the travel crate and take the poster on the left side of the suitcase and pulls on the crack at the corner of the trunk lid.

Take the wand hidden behind you and applies it to the cylinder. The “Marquis de Hoto” appears. After the dialogue, you can see the screen with the space-bar or the middle mouse button with spots. Used in the next scene, according to the coin.

The Night of the Rabbit, Mousewood, scene
Welcome to Forest Mouse

Once you have gone through the portal, you find yourself in the magical world again. Just like in Alice in Wonderland, Jerry is now shrunk.

Speak with mice and see around you while waiting for Marquis in the mice village. Once the mouse with backpack appears, talk to her. Use the magic coin to see the spirit behind the mouse. The Marquis comes back and accompanies you to the City Council. Speak according to the following sequence with the Marquis and you will receive an invitation and a stamp. Now you also have the option to let give you tips to the puzzles, you should be stuck once. In the inventory you can now use the spell "Advice Seeker" and the Marquis will give you a tip.

Go into the city center and from there to the cafe on the left with the mill wheel, ring the bell on the counter and then speak to the pastry chef Anja. You get a pound cake. Rings the right bell at the pharmacy level, then you get a sugar-free lollipop.

Go from the center to the left of the city gate and then down the right towards the bridge, speak to Humbert, who asks for a “troll.” Now run back to the center and to the right of the picture, and then you come to the gardens and the rabbit hole at the backside of the cafe. Take the rake leaning beside the sleeping party guest at the low wall on the left.

Go down further and you’ll get to a point where many grow large pumpkins. Use your sugar-free lollipop on beehive with Honey. Go over the bridge and collect the brook on the little piece of wood, which is adjacent to the leaf boat. Now you have found an old picket. Now go through the tunnel in the middle of the screen to the town hall. There you will meet Mr. Churchmouse and his son. Speak to them and they’ll give you a red ribbon on your magic coin.

The rescue of Ursula Owl

Now go back to Humbert at the bridge and give him the Honey lollipop, then he lets you go through the path between the fields and their lands at a flowing stream near a flooded area where you meet the little owl Ursula which is threatened by a crow. But take out the laces on the left edge of the image with that lie next to the big boots at the sign.

To rescue Ursula, you must give the Crow very dry muffin and then throw with the shoelace to the radio antenna. So you get a sharp grapple. Use this again with the antenna to hit the crow away.

Now that you've saved Ursula, the backpack mouse comes over, everything has observed. As a reward for the heroic rescue it gives you advertising. You can now take Ursula and a crow feather in your rucksack. And take the yellow marsh marigolds next to the brook with a bud and go to Blue Juice Machines bottom left of the image. Use your magic coin with the red tape with this in mind and you can take the last keg blue juice and a promotional sticker.

The Night of the Rabbit, Goblins, Mail
Deliver Mail, Go Sailing and Goblins

Now that the situation is safe again, Mail frog “Plato” will appear. Talk to him and then get to the post office, located next to the bike on the ground, so you may be able to unsubscribe Plato. Now go right through the passage of the picture and immediately to the next picture right below, then you can see from an elevated position from moosewood. First grab a fish scale that sticks to the fish statue in the middle.

Now go to the left on the forest trail towards mouse and you reach the other side of the lock gate. Speak to the rounded animal carrying an umbrella. It is Spitzweg, the ground squirrel. He wants to go on a sea voyage, but his paper boat is still missing. Go after this conversation back to the point on the stream where the large pumpkins grow. There you will meet Hedgehog brothers. Speak with them and you will learn that their tool developed by Greenhat / Leprechaun was stolen.

After the call Use your magic coin and you see the Greenhat. After he is gone, you will see his footprints on the ground. Follow this. On the next screen you will meet Greenhat again, which then disappears into the city wall to the rear, and to the gardens.

Now use the rake with the stone slab in the middle and go to the left of the picture. Pursue the Greenhat once in a circle until you are back at the Gardens. The Kobold is coming on the rake and loses the stolen tools. Collect this and the rake. Now the rake is back to its old place. Go to the hedgehog brothers in the peripheral area and give them back their stolen tools.

Now use the old picket with the tight little tunnel between the roots to block the Greenhat and then chasing him once again in a circle. This pushes his head against the old fence and bar disappears. Touches the large pumpkin and left her sells the Greenhat and ensure its stolen goods are safe: leprechaun cobalt and a silver spoon. The hedgehog brothers are now ready to send the boat to Mr. Spitzweg and on the way you get a nail. Now go to Mr. Spitzweg and talk to him.

Go Sailing With Mr. Spitzweg

Next go to the cafe and give the perfumed letter to Ludwig Burrower and get a cup. Do not forget to take the empty envelope, which is now on the table. Where the cafe in the city center and give the young squirrels Edith the purple package. He gives you a dollar. Go back to the cafe and buy some valerian from the pharmacy counter.

Next goes to the edge of town, where the big pumpkins grow and the Hedgehog brothers live. Mr. Spitzweg visited again at the gate and give him the silver spoon; he will use this as a paddle. Also give him the sharp Grapple from your inventory.

So now, Mr. Spitzweg can make his journey, it is a free way out. Give valerian drops to the large catfish, this paves the way. Embark on the big journey. Ride down the stream and you make directly to Humbert. But it will not say anything out of the great sea voyage. You go on board and visited the two churchmices once again. Give the senior churchmouse the heavy package.

Fresh Juice of the Blue Dwarfs

At the cafe, ring the bell so Anja comes and give the Violin lesson for publicity, which is written in a heart-shaped leaf. Then this is persuaded Humbert to take violin lessons. Now the way is free and you can continue downstream until you get out. Mr. Spitzweg will present you an Indian White Pepper as a gift for your help.

Now return to the leafboat and continue toward the downstream. The leafboat falls down the waterfall and you find yourself at the back of the property, the forest dwarfs.

Gather the first worm, which has stuck firmly to the enormous turnip left in the picture. Use either the nail or sharp grapple with the right window to cut a hole. Then you can use release the screw from the frame and enter the Dwarf House. After automatic dialogue with Steinberg, you learn that only Anja from the cafe experience with the diseases. To leave the property again you borrow the next key to the property. Now leave the apartment through the front door and locked the wooden door with Dwarven key.

Now go to the cafe to Anja and talks to her about Steinberg's disease, they then escorted him to you and give you a recipe with ingredients for dwarf medicine. You are now back automatically in the cafe. Speak directly with Anja again. When you adhered to this solution, you should have all the ingredients for the medicine. Anya then gives you these, along with some pepper. Go into the dwarf flat for sick Steinberg and give him a sip of medicine-juice. You can now take a shortcut through the tunnel 47 to Anja, to thank her on behalf of Steinberg.

Final preparations before training

The invitations for the hard top

Now uses the worm from your inventory to close the open letter of invitation. Now glue the magical stamp on the envelope and the letter is magically transformed into a giant stack of invitations. Take this letter to support Plato, the frog in the inundated area, so that it can host the invitations.

However, the bike is still frozen. To fix this, you must go again to Anya's Cafe and fill the coffee machine left behind at cafe pour some hot coffee into the empty cup. Use the hot coffee on the frozen mail bike to unfrozen it.

Now Plato can distribute your huge stack of invitations. He will give you the clicker Frog. You can call Plato by using the clicker with one of the many golden-horns, and he brings you his bike in no time.

The magic training begins

Speak to the Marquis de Hoto at City Hall, the magic training begins. Now you find yourself in a magical place, the hall of the school. Collect the two half Arc from the ground. Uses the Leprechaun Cobalt on the glass tube and you get the metal bullet. Now use the metal part and the ball track half of the machine. Sets the ball out of the tube into the machine now, you will receive a stack of cards and a ghost appears, the guardian of the portals.

Now return to the forest mouse. Go to the location where they grow big pumpkins and the Hedgehog brothers live. There use the new key with the strange ghost door on the left side and you enter the magician’s house. Once you're in the living room, collect the napkin on the edge of the large cup with milk and chocolate, right near the entrance.

Now with the sharp grappling hook and right after the ivy building there is a bridge turn right and take the black oil droplets with a napkin. Now you have an oily napkin. Use it with the metal arm of the cuckoo clock. Since it is oiled a part of the of the cuckoo clock will fall off and there is a knob under the metal arm use it with the grappling hook.

Back in the real world

After you've rested in mouse wood go to the portal tree in the forest and you will magically return to the real world. Use the Indian white pepper on the large Toad. It sneezes and scares all the birds in the area. Now go to the forest floor, and uses the intersection with the lamppost and fight your way through tapping sounds with the woodpecker, until it flies away. Go to Jerry's house and kick on the empty barrel. Then returns to the big toad and uses the clicker with you, now you can talk to the toad.

Selects the following dialogue options:

"My name is Jerry and I'm a powerful wizard!"
"The Streams of time"?
"The Whispering of the rocks?"

You can now learn the spell "rockwhisper". You can find this in your inventory; it is located at the edge of the inventory next to the wand. Try it out right away with the strange crystal statue right next to the portal tree.

A Cake for the Rabbits' Party

Go to the gardens and use your magic coin, now you see the Grim Man on the table in a bath tub. Take his green clothes on the table. After use of the exciting book to make it night you're on a large rabbit party. Speak with the grumpy owner of the garden, and then use the barrel left of the picture, you get a tap. Switch to day and go to the cafe for Anja. Speak to her ​​about the lack of cake for the rabbit and you will get a list of ingredients needed for the cake. Then use to grapple with the big cheese wheel, which in the lower right corner of the image in the foreground and you'll get a piece of hard cheese.

Now go back to the dwarf house and used the tap in the enormous turnip and then taps it a sip of beet syrup into the coffee-cup. Next go to the house of the magician and fill the empty blue juice keg with milk from the large cup.

Switches to night and go to the place where you save Ursula. Now at the radio station a mouse guard stands at a small campfire. Use the heat resistant silver foil, but the spicy hard piece of cheese and the Indian white pepper with it. Now you have the permission to pick some of the delicious red berries from the bushes behind the Mouse Guard.

Now you have all the necessary ingredients for Anya's cake. Switches to day and go to the cafe. Give her all the ingredients, the sweet red berries, the barrel with milk chocolate and the cup of beet syrup. Leave the cafe and again switch from day to night, and from night to day, then the cake is ready. Pick it up and bring it to the party after you've switched to night. Give the cake to grumpy garden owners. Once you are an official guest of the party, you will get a trophy. Next use the red-hot nuts in the barrel right in the picture to get glownut. If you speak again with the party guest, wearing a hat, you even get a new card.

Switches to day and go again to the cafe. Take the coffee cup and get some hot coffee. Then put few drops of valerian in the coffee. Pay attention now that the backpack mouse leaves the cafe. Once it is outside the key-shaped part with the key use clocks hanging on the hook. The backpack mouse is now permanently unlocked the door and you can enter through the back door of the cafe at night.

Go into the city center and switch to night. Go to the town gate and talk to the gunner, he wants a hot coffee. Unfortunately, it is cooled now. Go through the open back door to the cafe and empty the cooled coffee in the sink and fills it with new hot coffee. Add some valerian again and give the mixture to gunner on the ramparts, so he will fall asleep. Click once, so this is aimed at the treetop above the city. Now put the Glownut into the cannon.

Leprechaun and a new spell

Now go to the place behind the town hall, use the window to enter into the hall and there to the top right of the tower. Talk to the Leprechaun on the branch to exit to the 2nd portal. Speak with the Grim Man and then goes into the tower. Use your magic coin to make the Leprechaun visible. After talking to the old flag on the left window go outside and provide the trophy to the tower window. Polishing the trophy with an old flag will bring it to shine. Go into the tower and click on the rainbow.

You can now learn the spell "greengrow"

The fox spirit and your great appearance as a comedian: Through the tower and the portal back to mousewood and afterwards make your way on to bridge where Humbert waits. Go to the right edge of the image and there use your new green growth spell on the field. Then a fox will appear but it runs away from you. Now go to the city center and speak with Mr. Churchmouse. After your appearance you'll get a pad of paper and a pen.

Go to the garden, where the party is held say hares, squirrels, and Mr. Jonathan there. Now you have your listed jokes. Switches to day, going to flood area and speak to Mr. Mole. Tell him about jokes, and then you can write his wit experiences. Switch to night and talk again to Mr. Churchmouse in the town center. Tell the jokes you newly learned. Switches to day and embark on the flood area. Use the waternut with the flooded road. Bring the waternut planted by the Greengrow and then use the magic spell. The tree will grow rapidly and dries off and Mr. Mole can radiate his radio show again.

Now switches to night and turns back to the Green Grow use the magic spell on the flame in the field. The fox can now flee in the direction of the radio station, follow it. At the radio station use your Magic spell Rockwhisper on the fox statue.

The Night of the Rabbit, Japan
Trip to Japan

It opens a new portal and you follow the fox kitsune to Japan. Use your magic coin to discover a small bell in the bush click on this. Use it with the second fox statue from the left in the top row to awaken the gatekeeper. Now it moves to the big wooden statue. Speak to this and then used the golden bell.

Now you may pass the gate. Speak to the sequence with Kitsune and then go back through the gate. Talk to the poet and twice thereafter used the clicker with the frog pond. The poet is needed inspiration to writes his legendary frog haiku. Kitsune reports of your success. Now Kitsune brings you the new spell "fox List".

The Moth Monastery and the Next Portal

Now go to the old path tree in the forest at night and get the spider web. Now switch to day and go to the back of the dwarf house. Use the sharp grapple on the fork arm and then with the window. Step into the dwarfs' house, take the end of the rope and attach it to the flywheel only if you have it turned off before using the lever. Press the lever again as soon as the end of the rope is fixed to the flywheel.

On the right, there some small white mushrooms. Applies green growth spells and there is a fungal stairs. You have now discovered the moth monastery. Switch to night, go again to Moth monastery and talk to the mysterious butterflies. Unfortunately, only winged creatures have turned out. Therefore, deceive the Moth with the new magic fox ruse to fool her; you'd be also an insect. Now you are allowed to enter to monastery and can talk to Moth Priestess.

Switch to day and go back to the dwarf house. From your inventory, use the coffee cup with the enormous turnip with tap and you get beet syrup. Then use this on restrained forked branch to make it sticky. Dips his brush into the cup with syrup and you get a sticky brush. To the right of the dwarf apartment window by the taut rope, tamed Fork branch. Used the sticky brush and then glue the old spider web.

Now go into the dwarfs' house, so that the rope breaks. Go back and fish with the sticky floor of the Dandelion seeds from spider web. Now switch back to night and go to the moth monastery. Specify where the dandelion seeds in the pot with soil before the winged statue and apply the Green Grow spell. Now Priestess opens the next portal for you.

Make sure that you have done all side quests and collected everything in the mousewood. Once you are sure you have done all then go through the portal. (This is a sort of point of no return)

The Arctic and the Whale

Go to the snow-covered rock on the right side and used it twice. This will expose the head of a statue and then apply the magic spell Rockwhisper to it. Talk to the polar explorer judging by the conversation of the picture. Before the polar explorer tarp on the floor click on it to release the battery block. Also remove the tarp on the right to find a chest with fairy lights.

Take with one of the lights and used it with the scrub on the left. Then insert the plug of the light string in the battery pack from the polar explorer. Now use the magic spell whisperrock again with the head of a statue and provoke a flash. This will charge the battery again. Go back to the polar explorer and click on the Polar Whale now you can learn the new spell "hope."  Go back to the portal and crosses it.

The Future of Lizards and Hunt.

Now you find yourself in the future reality. Go back to home and uses the magic spell  Rockwhisper on the statue left side of the window of the house. Confronted with the gruesome reality, Jerry threatens to despair. Now use the magic spell "hope" on Jerry. Motivated by the experience and the memories of mousewood, Jerry draws new courage. Go to the old path tree and click on the portal.

Go to the house of the old wizard and click on the shelf. Now use the nail of your inventory with the bag behind the bottle in which the magician is trapped and accumulate on the Corn Kernel. The right side of the bottle with the magician there is a gap illuminate by sunlight. Put Corn Kernel into the gap and then never use the case on the left side under the bag. You will receive a Monocle. Use this with the sunlit gap and free the wizard.

Guide to Capture Lizards Hunt

It's time to catch some nasty lizards. For this spell you will receive some bottles. For the first lizard you must go to the city center. The spell uses a bottle with the bottle stand. Step into the town hall and use the magic spell fox’s cunning on the strange figure. Talk to the second lizard and conclude two contracts. After claim the course the lizard flees into one of the armor.

Now go to the flooded area to the new radio station set up by Mr. Mole. Talk to the lizard and choose the second option dialog, so the lizard itself draws a white ball. Collect the blue after a turnip that has fallen on the floor. In the following series of actions you have to be fast and to comply with the order. First talk to the lizard and choose the second dialog option so this will draw a white ball. Then immediately shake the beautiful flower on the left side, so the lizard tries to catch the fly. Use the moment of distraction and put the blue turnip from your inventory on the open drum door. After a while the lizard raises the white ball back and this falls to the ground, so you can cancel it. Use the white capsule with the blue juice sticker.

Now let you predict Jerry’s future that the blue turnip from the drum falls. Predict the future one more time, and then distract the lizard again by dancing with flower. Now set the manipulated capsule in the lid of the drum. Ask the lizard to predict its own future. Use bottle on the lizard.  It will open it and trap itself in.

Return to the town hall and used the itching powder on armor in which the lizard was hiding and pursue it through the window to the outside. Look there through the magic coin and give the lizard the last of three bottles. Now you have caught all three offenders. Deliver the prisoners to the old wizard.

Crystal Statues and the Labyrinth

Use the keyhole to enter your room. Open the shelf on the left side and then pull on the corner of rug pack. Now open the door of the storage niche and examined the cardboard box.

You find yourself again in the hall of the students. Use the Journal of the Marquis with the metal frame in the middle of the trunk of the tree and you get a sound carrier. You will be transported directly to the right place. Use the sound carrier with the hole in the big old tree stump at the top of the path. Now you have to go to all strange crystal statues that are in the mousewood, and use the sound carrier on each one. Then shatter the crystals and give clear amber, then you have to collect all.

  1. One crystal statue can be found in the moth monastery.
  2. One in the swamp
  3. One you will find behind the town hall
  4. One in the ancient Path Tree in the forest
Now go back to the hole in the big old tree stump on the hill at the Dwarf House. Used all four ambers with the hole, and then appear a door and a glass structure. Use the magic Glimmer of Hope on the image panel under the head of the caterpillar. Take the silver key and open the secret door.

The Labyrinth

Go several times through the pond and then use the magic spell Advice Seeker. Then, speak to raven and then press the stone wheel appear in each of the window and turn the stone wheel to change their content. You gather by and by black powder and a few nuts. In the window you can see a stone marker with the Indian white pepper used it and it shapes the icon of the ranger.

Use long brush with syrup from your inventory on the rusty metal door to get dwarf root. Mixed the Indian white with black pepper powder from your inventory and now use all these mix objects collect in the mug on crossroads and circle of powder and put the mug in the center. Then turn the stone wheel until the fire appears. Get your hands on a piece of burning wood to ignite the spell.

Now uses the magic coin in the following order with the various ways: in Light, bright path way into the light, into the white.

The Play and the Final

The Play

1 Act

Speak to Zaroff for the clearing of the first tree. Talk during the play with the stone frog and collect the chestnuts on the ground. Move the stone-shaped stage and use the light switch behind it. Speak to the mouthpiece, and then used the chestnut with the stone toad and then use the clicker with Plato.

2 Act

On the left side of the stage there is a crack. Put the big black nail into it. Pull the string until the sandbags are positioned just above the flower pot and then press the round button, so that the pot of gold tip. Reach for the puck after the hat, and then after the nail in the tree.

3 Act

Use the sound carrier with the bell and then use the golden bell with Kitsune, as long as the guard keeps the ears, talk to her.

4 Act

Take the first candy cane and then the fairy lights from the Christmas tree. Combine the two objects together to get a Christmas Angel. Keep them in the ocean. Use the cable several times and turn the wind machine. Then use the nail right on the wind machine.


You awaken from the dream theater bizarre. You must now compete in a magical duel against Zaroff. To survive against him, you have the different color magic with the right nails ward:

Red vs. Magic. Bronze Nail
Magic vs. Blue. Golden Nail
Purple Magic vs. Black Nail
Magic vs. Green. Silver Nail

If you have no desire to continue, you can skip this part right of the duel but also with the cross symbol.