The Purge PA Producer made another Box Office Success Thriller

Who said that the budget of a film reflects its box office income? The proof of this is Paranormal Activity, which cost only $ 15,000 but earned over $ 190 million worldwide. That most probably paved the way for a new series of low-budget horror genre.

The producer of Paranormal Activity, Jason Blum, seems to have found the perfect formula and used this success in his latest film THE PURG. However, it was filmed with high quality equipment and has well recognized actors in the cast, including Ethan Hawke. The film cost about $ 3 million, a figure considered too low by international standards.

Regardless of that, the road to success began on Friday. The Purge made over $ 16 million in one day in the United States. It is expected to end its opening weekend with over 30 million US dollars, earning more than ten times of its production cost just in three days.

To give you an even clearer idea of the success, we can compare it with another film: The Internship, a 20th Century Fox film, which cost $ 58 million to make, opened in theaters last Friday and stand behind The Purge with box office earning only $ 6.5 million so far.

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