Vodafone Introduced New Smartphone Chargers (Power Pocket)

Visitors of a festival in the UK tested two alternative power generation methods to charge their Smartphones, Sleeping Bags and Hot Pants.

One of the biggest challenges facing by the organizers of the Isle of Wight festival in the UK is to provide sufficient power to their visitors to charge their smartphone batteries. For this task Vodafone and the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton have tested two power generating devices: which use the Power Pocket concept and built in shorts and sleeping bags.

As per Vodafone, the "Power Pocket" consists of a thermoelectric material that is so small and can be easily integrated in shorts or sleeping bags. It generates power using the outside temperature and the temperature of your body.

In this way, sleep eight hours in the sleeping bag will recharge your smartphone for about 24 minutes of talk-and eleven hours of standby time. The "Power Pocket" shorts provide four hours smartphone juice after a day of walking and dancing.

However, the fabrics used in these devices are not yet fully developed. Stephen Beeby, professor of the Department of the University of Southampton said "It must be improved to make them easier to use”. For example sleeping bags, must be able to be folded into a small package and compressed. The current materials are flexible, but still need some improvements."