Avril Lavigne revealed tracks for her self titled album (2013)

Since the beginning of her music career, Lavigne has shown the remarkable musician she is. Over the years, Lavigne has demonstrated how much you can get when you do it with love and hard work.

Every effort of her has its own mark. And I really like most of her efforts. But everyone has an opinion on her, some like her and some unlike her and she knows that and she'll sing about it.

Lavigne revealed title and tracklist of her self titled fifth studio album through iTunes. According to the download site, the album will consist of 13 songs in its standard version and another four in the deluxe version including the cover of "How You Remind Me" and a partnership with the Korean group 2NE1.

The album “Avril Lavigne" will be released on September 24, 2013 November 05. The singer has recorded the music video for the second single "Rock N 'Roll", and will be released soon.

Below is the list of tracks on the album:


Avril Lavigne
1. "Rock N Roll"
2. "Here's to Never Growing Up"
3. "17"
4. "Bitchin' Summer"
5. "Let Me Go" (featuring Chad Kroeger)
6. "Give You What You Like"
7. "Bad Girl" (featuring Marylin Manson)
8. "Hello Kitty"
9. "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"
10. "Sippin' On Sunshine"
11. "Hello Heartache"
12. "Falling Fast"
13. "Hush Hush"

Deluxe Version:

14. " How You Remind Me "
15. "Punk You Very Much"
16. "Hello Kitty" (Remix) (feat. 2NE1)
17. " Here's To Never Growing Up "(SDP Extended Mix)