BO2 Vengeance: Buried Achievement and Trophy Guide, Cheats, Tips

A detailed guide to help you to find all hidden objects, and crack every Easter egg in the new Black Ops II: Vengeance Buried DLC pack, especially on the new zombies map.

Table Of Contents

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - Awaken the Gazebo Achievement and Trophy Guide
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - I’m Your Huckleberry Achievement and Trophy Guide
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - How to turn on Electricity
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - How to Share Money with Other Players
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - FSIRT Against the Wall Achievement Guide
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - CandyGram Achievement and Trophy Guide
Black Ops II Vengeance: Buried - Hidden Easter Egg Song and Locations Of Teddy Bears
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - How to get to the PhD Flopper Perma perk
Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - Achievements

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - Awaken the Gazebo Achievement and Trophy Guide
(30 points)

To unlock this achievement you have to kill all the zombies except in the first round. It sounds almost impossible, but if you know how to use weird chalk marks and the new Time Bomb then this achievement is straightforward. This step-by-step guide will help you to do this task.

Step 1: How to find and use a Time Bomb
  1. Time Bombs are assigned randomly to the mystery box.
  2. Once you have got a Time Bomb, assemble to see two selections. "Save" (picked up) and "restore" (restore / Return).
  3. If you toss a time bomb on the floor and then select "Save", the round is stored right where you are. If you press "Restore", you will be sent back to where you saved it, and with exactly the weapons and items you had the time of storage.
  4. If you use the Time Bomb, you can revert to a previous round. Although you will lose all points and weapons, but open doors will remain open.
  5. It has an advantage to use Time Bomb with friends. When other players join the game, after a time bomb placed and the game has been saved, they will not lose their weapons and also they can keep points after returning to the saved state.
Step 2: Use Question Mark Symbols To Earn Points Quickly.

  1. Unlock the Giants (found in his cell or the saloon) from his prison cell and give him some alcohol to break into the armory.
  2. In the armory shop you will see a lot of chalk outlines of weapons. You can take chalk weapon and to then place it on the new question mark symbols appear anywhere in the city.
  3. By taking chalk and filling out the question mark symbols will earn you several thousand points.
  4. A question mark will appear outside the prison, another you will find the stairs from prison. A third one is at the entrance to the second floor of the saloon. A fourth one is the Quick Revive (Fast recovery resistance) is equal to where you start after you have slid down into the mine. The last question mark icon, click the upper floor (second floor) of the courthouse.
  5. It is adequate to use two or three to earn points, before you turn to the gazebo.
Step 3: Use the Pack-a-Punch Gazebo on Round 1
  1. To use Pack-a-Punch on Round 1, either you must earn points quickly and dodge the spirit in the villa after you have opened the way in and the Time Bomb is enabled or get some help from friends to complete. Use the Time Bomb and then get into a friend's game to keep the points earned after the Time Bomb placed and the game has been saved.
  2. To activate pack-a-punch, you must have at least 5000 points. To be on the safe side bring 10,000-20,000 points.
  3. Walk to the manor house (Mansion), whether you are traveling alone or with a team, you have to free the mutants from his cell and open all the doors to the villa before you use the Time Bomb. Once the gates are all opened, you can return to the first round.
  4. Earn as many points as possible before you take the time travel. Whether alone or with a team, make ample of knife and gun and avoid use headshots. Do not forget, you need to place the Time Bomb during the first round - if you have no luck with the mystery box and Timebomb not receive after 2-3 attempts, you should reboot.
  5. After you have turned back the time use the chalk outlines (as described above) to get quick money. Then you enter the villa and watch out for the ghost in eight. The creepy lady steals 2000 points per hit.
  6. Go to the next floor in the villa and open the hidden bookcase and then jump down into the garden and then go to the right and enter the hedge maze.
  7. Keep on the left side of the rear maze to the gazebo entrance. Now it's just a simple march to reach the stairs (you avoid the holes in the stairs) to get the Pack-a-Punch machine. If you are fast and the ghost form can go out of the way, this achievement/ trophy is yours.

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - I’m Your Huckleberry Achievement and Trophy Guide

In this guide you will learn how to remove all barriers and enter into new areas in BO2 with the support of your mutant friend Leroy who is in prison and is not particularly intelligent, but very loyal and as long as you are giving him his drink nobody can stop him.

This achievement will earn you 25 points on Xbox 360 and a bronze trophy on PS 3, 1250 points will cost you to remove the debris without the help of your friend.

  1. Find the Prison Key. It will appear randomly at different locations on the map. More often, the ring will show up on the key ring on the wall next to the prison. Look for a green light out to discover it.
  2. Locate the Prison, in which a large man named Leroy sits. To find the prison, look for the stairs that lead to the upper floor of a wooden building in the corner of the city. Let yourself fall down through the ceiling. Bravo, you are in prison.
  3. Now you only need alcohol to get him to run around and clean obstacles,
  4. You can find alcoholic beverages everywhere on the map. See you at the saloon next to the Power Room or in the start area. The first bottle of alcohol can be found just behind the prisoner, on the table in his prison cell.
  5. Once you have given him alcoholic beverage he will destroy everything that gets in his way.
  6. Take the prisoner to the alley next to the jail cell. At the end there is a barrier / obstacle. You give him some alcohol so he will destroy the barrier and the Juggernaut perk in the donor area is now accessible.
  7. In the similar way you can remove all other obstacles with prisoner's help.
How To Use Prisoner To to clear Debris

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - How to turn on Electricity

Here you will learn how to reach the power switch without spending a dime. There is a possibility to reach the electricity room quickly, with some skillful jumps and a little alert navigation.

First Method: Free

  1. Let yourself fall into the caves and then go past the Quick Revive (quick-pick resistance) and jump down through the hole to the right-hand in the wooden floor.
  2. You land in a new area. Turn around and go through the hole in the wall
  3. Go down the stairs and enter the dusty mineshaft. Keep yourself tight to the left wall and go past the ruins.
  4. Jump over the gap of the mineshaft, and walk until you reach the saloon. Then go to the balcony and jump to the ledge just close to the power room.
  5. You enter the room through the window next to the icon and press the big button on the left wall.
Method 2 will cost you 750 Points
  1. Jump from the warehouse to the caves and go past the Quick Revive (quick-pick resistance) and jump again through the hole to the right hand.
  2. You land in a new area. Turn around and go through the hole in the wall
  3. To pen the door to the electricity room you need 750 points.
  4. Now you are almost done. Go through the wall to the upstairs jump to the second floor then through window with the electricity symbol and press the big button on the left wall.

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - How to Share Money with Other Players

On the new "Buried" Zombies map for Black Ops II there is a way to share money with other players.

To be able to share money, you must first bring the Galvaknuckles in your possession. Then you have to go the bank. Just outside the counter you will find two keys. Press the two keys with Galvaknuckles to activate the money transfer.

Once you have done this, you can give $ 1,000 of your money to another player, for which a fee of $ 100 will be charged then a money icon will appear. Now you can share your money with other players by just pressing the button.

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - FSIRT Against the Wall Achievement Guide

In this guide you will learn where to find the LSAT firearm and how to reach the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Step 1: Find the LSAT Firearm
  1. You need 2000 points before you proceed so you must kill enough zombies to earn required points before you go into the underground mine.
  2. In the center of the warehouse there is an entrance near the broken metal. You can jump up on the broken part of the stairs and then climb onto the platform.
  3. Right on the wall, you will find the LSAT. But beware: buy the gun before the floor cracks
Step 2: Find the Pack-a-Punch Machine
  1. Once you have the gun, you need to upgrade it at a Pack-a-Punch machine. First, you must find Leroy.
  2. Once you obtain alcohol from the nearby bar give it to Leroy so he will smash the debris in your path. Now you can enter the grounds of the villa. Beware of vengeful spirits.
  3. Now you have to spend 1250 points to open the front door to the villa. Beware of the ghost. Whenever you meet this spirit it will grab 2000 points. Fight the ghost while you go up the stairs and go into the back room with the sliding bookcase. Use the bookshelf / the bookcase to find a underground passage that leads deeper into the villa.
  4. Exit the passage and go through the corridor outside the room until you come across a broken floor that provides a view of a garden. Jump down and go through the door on your right. Now go down the steps to reach a maze and eventually you will find Gazebo.
  5. Walk down through the labyrinth to the dome gazebo in the back corner and then continue. The spiral staircase will eventually lead for Pack-a-Punch.

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - CandyGram Achievement and Trophy Guide
(10 Points / Bronze)

In this guide you will learn how to get candy and how to free Leroy from the Sheriff's jail.
  1. Find the Candy Shop: It is nearby the cemetery. You can reach it through the rubble -strewn street near the Power Room. You will easily find the building with a big lollipop sign. This will cost you 1250 points
  2. See the window display of sweets there you will find a shiny / glowing pile of candy. Collect it.
  3. Give the candy to Leroy in his prison to unlock this achievement. If you don’t know how to find you Leroy,check out the guide.

Black Ops II Vengeance: Buried - Hidden Easter Egg Song and Locations Of Teddy Bears

In this guide you will find the locations of all three hidden teddy bears in Buried - Vengeance DLC packs and the Easter Egg Song.

Note: To trigger the teddy place your cursor over the bear and press the button (X or Square)

Teddy # 1: This bear can be found after you jump into the cave and slipping through the passage and you will end up near the Revive machine, then turn right and you will see first teddy bear in the dark corner.

Teddy # 2: The second teddy bear can be found in the candy shop. Open the door (Cost you 1250 points) and you will see many empty barrels, but there is a barrel filled with sweets and left side of that barrel you will find another teddy bear.

Teddy # 3: The last teddy bear is in the haunted mansion. This area can only be accessed using the mutant hillbilly. Enter the room in the downstairs in a corner with the bookshelf you will find the third and last teddy bear.

The Hidden Easter Egg Song will play once all three teddies are activated.

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - How to get to the PhD Flopper Perma perk

Since this is a hidden Perma perk, you can win it for yourself by jumping down from a certain level and then turn around once you hit the floor, walk back and then walk on the path to the right. You will find a bridge, go down to the right, and walk across the roof top to the left. Jump down and then take the stairs of the compound to the Mystery Box.

Go up the next floor and jump down (you will suffer from falling damage) and then go back up and do the same. You have to repeat this several times until you get like a green fumes/gas. That means you have activated the PHD Flopper.

PhD Flopper Perma perk gains

You get the feature of PHD Flopper perks for free
You will not get killed when the grenade blown up near you.

Black Ops II: Vengeance: Buried - Achievements

Take a look at the Achievements for Vengeance, the third add-on for Black Ops II, these achievements are exclusively reserved for the new zombies map mode. The Great Easter Egg side quest is called "Mind Games" and it is similar to "Pop Goes the Weasel" Achievement in Mob of the Dead.

The Easter Egg in Mob of the Dead unlock was time consuming and difficult but "Mind Games" is much easier. It can be found on the list of achievements but also hints at secrets: you can get your perks, enter new areas with a "friend" and unlock the weapon FSIRT easily.


Mind Games (75 points):
In Buried, be their pawn.

Ectoplasmic Residue (15 points):
In Buried, acquire a perk for free.

I'm Your Huckleberry (25 points):
In Buried, access to all areas with the help of prisoner.

Death from Below (10 points):
In Buried, drop the beat zombies on 10 times.

Candy Gram (10 points):
In Buried, make a candy delivery.

Awaken Gazebo (30 points):
In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon in round 1 with no one is using the bank or weapon locker.

Revisionist Historian (10 points):
In Buried, rewrite history.

Mazed and Confused (35 points):
In Buried, survive the entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

First Against the Wall (20 points):
In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and pack-a-punch it.

When the Revolution Comes (20 points):
In Buried, return to processing.