Deadpool: Walkthrough, Trophies, Hints and Cheats

The honest truth: as a hack ‘n’ slash game Deadpool is average. Position your weapon is a little difficult and we've seen such upgradeable combo attacks in many other games. Yet to be frank if you are an enthusiast of the character or bad humor you won't even notice.

The game stands out for two reasons, our protagonist making jokes all the time and he knows that he's a fictional character. These two aspects make even the most mundane gaming experience. For instance, lost, don’t know where to go? Stand around too long and you get tips what to do, OR you'll get mocked for just standing around and not doing anything.

There is no doubt that Deadpools has some secrets hidden in his tight suit, so take a look at this guide, which is constantly being updated for any missing information. Here you will find links to Achievements / Trophies and all hidden collectibles.

Deadpool – Walkthrough and Trophies

Home Sweet Home
Job One
Taking a Chance
Landed in Prison
Death Baby
The Road to Victory
Front Gates of Evil

Home Sweet Home (4 Trophies)

First check the messages, after listening to all you can go around the building. Here you will find two trophies: “The first one's free!” and “The second one is also free”. Then go to the kitchen make some pancakes, there you will get another trophy: “I'm expecting company”. After play with all the junk items in the building you will earn another trophy “Makin a game!” Now open the front door and collect the package from the lady.

Job One (3 Trophies)

Next you have to follow the on screen instruction.

In this section you can earn the following trophies:

In the lobby comboin' your dudes (10 points)
49 in 5 (10 points)
The house that bounces (20 points)

Taking a Chance (4 Trophies)

Walk down the underground tunnel and pass the broken steam pipe using your Teleport and then continue until you reach the old school dungeon.

Here you can collect the following trophies:

Catch me if you can (10 points)
Beer goggles (20 points)
Heeeey Yooooo Guyyyyyssss! (Hidden)
No Chance in heaven (20 points)

Genosha (6 Trophies)

After you crash land onto Genoshia, you can interact with your buddy Wolverine.

Here you can collect the following trophies:

Let's try one more time...(10 points)
Curious about Cable (10 points)
Shall I? I Shanti! (50 points)
Remarkably quiet (10 points)
This game is rigged!(10 points)
Caribous Shoe (20 points)

Landed in Prison (7 Trophies)

You start this section upside-down shooting at enemies and Rogue hanging on for life.

Here you can collect the following trophies:

So you've got some free time? (50 points)
Social butterfly (10 points)
Fish out of water (10 points)
Silent and deadly (20 points)
Game Over!(Hidden)
Game On!(Hidden)
Lady Deadpool-like (20 points)

Death Baby (5 Trophies)

After you land on top of a guard, you will encounter enemies where you have to shoot them down.

In this section you can earn the following trophies:

ARRR-Rated (10 points)
Diggin' in the crates (10 points)
Patience is not a virtue (Hidden)
Officially a Carny (10 points)
Poulos-Vision (10 points)

The Road to Victory (4 Trophies)

Now you back again to Genoshia. Run to the plaza, which is started to falling down, but there will be a pathway to the green pillar. Go over there and wall jump up. Kill the enemies at the top, and then follow the pathway into the building ahead.

Here you can earn the following trophies:

Spawn more Deadpool-lords (10 Points)
PC LOAD LEAD-ER (10 Points)
I can open doors!(10 Points)
JRs Big Adventure (20 Points)

Front Gates of Evil (6 Trophies)

This is the last stage of the game so prepare for some excitement. There are a number of trophies here and they're all really trying.

Let's-a-Go! (10 points)
Suck it, Wolverine!(10 points)
I am Deadpool (30 points)
You've been Cole-slaw-tered! (Hidden)
It's a trap!(10 points)
A Sinister smush (20 points)