Elysium new TV Spot: Matt Damon fight against injustice

In the new TV Spot to Neill Blomkamp's upcoming sci-fi film "Elysium" Matt Damon fight against an unjust system that is defended by Jodie Foster.

The story is set in 2154, in which there are two classes of people: rich living in a luxurious space station called "Elysium", and the rest living in an overcrowded and ruined planet and they are desperate to getaway from poverty. "Elysium" is taboo, however, the rich want to be alone and have a restrictive immigration policy for the inhabitants of the earth. The only person who could establish the fairness between these two worlds is Max (Matt Damon). He's a regular guy, trying desperately to get to the space station. In his distress, he reluctantly takes on a risky mission. He faces Elysium Minister Delacourt (Jodie Foster), who safeguarded the status quo with unrelenting brutality. However, Max will not only succeed in saving his own life, but also the millions of other people on earth.

Elysium will open in theaters on August 09, 2013.

Matt Damon, Elysium, new TV Spot