First Mozilla's (Firefox OS) Smartphone ZTE Open in EU for 70 €

The ZTE Open is an entry-level Smartphone, which includes a number of standout features such as low price, runs on the OS from Mozilla and HTML 5 support browser. It is now available in Spain for 70 euros, including 30-euro credit.

ZTE Open Runs on Firefox OS

For the first time ZTE Open smartphone was presented at the Mobile World Congress in February 2013 and nearly five months later the device has arrived in the Europe market. However, the phone's features reflect its price: The device is clearly an entry-level smartphone. The ZTE Open has a single-core Qualcomm processor with a clock speed of 1 GHZ and comes with a meager 256 MB of RAM with limited storage. It offers only 512 MB of capacity. Fortunately, it has an additional slot for external flash card.

In terms of display resolution Mozilla gives just the essentials: The 3.5-inch screen comes in 320x480 pixels. See below YouTube video for more features: Here Mozilla shows the basic functions of the ZTE Open Smartphone.


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