Gary Lightbody & Harry Styles writing Lyrics for One Direction

Gary Lightbody, the lead singer and the songwriter of Snow Patrol, said he is writing new songs with Harry Styles which may feature the third album from One Direction. The work is expected to launch later this year.

The musician said he hoped that some of these songs manage to be part of the final track list on the album. Gary is actually not the first musician with roots in indie rock to work with the British boy band. Justin Young (Vaccines) also composed with Harry earlier this year.

In an interview with The Sun, Gary said to have a lot of fun during the sessions and Harry"(next door) is a great guy." The 37 year old musician said that writing with others is good for "relaxing the muscles."

A spokesman for the One Direction assured fans who saw these writing sessions as the likely start of a solo career of Harry Styles. According to him, members work separately with composers is "to save time, something precious for a band that is always under tremendous pressure."

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