How to protect yourself from Android Vulnerability

The Bluebox Security has detected serious security vulnerability in Google's Android operating system. They claimed that 99 percent of Android based devices may affect.

Android Security Hole!

The Bluebox Security reports in the company blog how hackers can use modified apps to spy on Android devices. However, users should ensure not to install third party applications that are not from Google Play. The research team from Bluebox Security has been able to manipulate applications so that, although they contain malicious code, they are recognized by the system. In this way, infected applications easily gain control over other programs and system administration.

The vulnerability has been around since Android version 1.6 ("Donut"). Bluebox stated that it reported Google about this Vulnerability in February 2013. Now, it is up to the smartphone manufacturers to supply the appropriate firmware updates.

How to protect yourself from Android Vulnerability?

The first option is to disable the feature to install apps from unknown sources. If you are not sure, check in the menu "Settings" under the "Security" section. You can also safeguard the device by installing the updates through the Google Play and Android's built-in system update utility.