James McTeigue to Helm JCVD classic remake: Bloodsport

Bloodsport is a classic martial arts film that any serious martial arts movie fan has seen or at least heard of. It was Jean-Claude Van Damme’s (JCVD) first film in which he depicts real life martial arts expert Frank Dux, the undefeated heavyweight champion of the kumite in the late seventies.

I was very small when the original movie came out in theaters, and when I see it now I get that nostalgic feeling. The movie has a bit of everything: action, humor, romance and terrific one-liners...typical of eighties films.

Now, the film is to be remade after two and a half decades with James McTeigue. He is onboard to helm the project based on a script by Robert Mark Kamen.

The remake is completely different from the original. Instead of the story of a highly trained soldier who takes part in a brutal underground martial arts tournament in Hong Kong, the new version will focus on the life of mercenaries in the 21st Century deal with the Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting style, and take part in official competitions.

No casting decisions have yet been made for the remake of Bloodsport, but who could do JCVD justice? We’ll find out that next year.