Map of GTA 5, Fan made Image

Map of the Grand Theft Auto 5 is really huge. This in fact will not surprise anyone who has been following the progress of the games by Rockstar Games over the past few years. The GTA 5 map is a lot bigger than the maps of the previous games in the series. The game world extends from the location of Mount Chiliad to the Bay Area Los Santos, whatever they may mean. You even have the opportunity to go out on the sea and diving to explore even larger areas there.

If we are to believe Rockstar, GTA 5 map is five times as large as that of Red Dead Redemption. According to the Studio GTA 5’s Los Santos map is larger than the map of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA 4 combined. It includes wilderness, a military base and even parts of the ocean.

So you can get an approximate idea of the size of the game world of GTA 5, a Redditor called C-Ron has released a fan-created version of the map of the upcoming game with the maps of the previous games of the series to demonstrate how huge the area is.

Please note that this is only an estimate. Only when Rockstar released an official map, we will know what really awaits us.

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