Metallica Through The Never in 3D comes to IMAX theaters in Sept

The Metallica released the trailer for "Metallica: Through The Never", concert/feature film that mixes short story with scenes taken from their tour during August 2012. The film will be released to IMAX theaters on September 27, 2013 and a week later in theaters with 3D projection in the United States.

"Through The Never" shows a surreal adventure in which Trip (Dane DeHaan) is sent to fulfill a mission.

In this story scenes are interspersed in a series of five shows that Metallica did in Vancouver, Canada in August last year.

The trailer was shown at Comic-Con last Saturday, and later it was released by the band via the film's official website. During the chat with journalists and fans drummer Lars Ulrich confirmed that the new album from Metallica will come out in 2014 - the band has not released new material since 2008.