Miley Cyrus to unveil a New Version of We Can not Stop

Excited with the outcome of her latest music video, Miley Cyrus promised to release a new version of "We Can not Stop".

In an interview for a British program, the singer said she will release a special edition of the song once the original one hit 100 million views.

"I do not know if you saw the music video, but it's pretty crazy, then a director's cut even crazier will be dropped when we reach the milestone of 100 million views on YouTube," Cyrus revealed to the presenter Aled Jones, last Friday.

One reason for the release of a new version would be the fact that the group One Direction has beaten her record on Vevo with the video "Best Song Ever". At the beginning of last week, the boys achieved 10.9 million views in 24 hours, while "We Can not Stop" reached 10.7 in the same period.


Miley Cyrus released the new version of “We Can not Stop”. It follows the same concept as above, but includes scenes that have been cut from the original version.

Watch the new version of  "We Can not Stop":