MJ and Freddie Mercury duets come out in September

Three tracks that Michael Jackson and Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury recorded jointly in the early eighties will finally be released in an official way. The news was given by Brian May, who played alongside at Mercury Queen.

It is known that Michael and Freddie began to duet in the early eighties and had plans to record enough material for an album, but the sessions were halted early on.

The unexpected ending of their effort was due to lack of time to finish the project, but the stories between them also seem to have interrupted the project.

Jim 'Miami' Beach, a lawyer who turn to become the manager of Queen told that things started to sour on the day that MJ brought a llama to the studio.

A businessman said he received a call from Freddie asking him to give a way to get it urgently since he was there: "recording with a llama." One of the two songs recorded was "State Of Shock ", which was a big hit in the eighties, but with Mick Jagger and not as a partner in Mercury duet.

Demo versions of their songs have been circulating on the web for some time now. Check out the video below: