MLL Faction Pack out now, details for Tower, Developer, Chronicles

Deep Silver has published the "Faction Pack" for Metro - Last Light ". According to the official press release, Metro Last Light DLC takes you back to some of the places you have seen in Metro 2033. In the three missions you take on different roles as a sniper of the Red Line infiltrate an outpost, pull into battle as heavy weapon expert and as a ranger and explore the library. You encounter the former mutant enemies and use the new weapons, shuffle mode to strike.

Metro Last Light: Faction Pack is now available on Steam and Xbox Live for $4.99. PlayStation users will get the pack a day latter. Season Pass owners will be able to download the add-ons for free and look forward to three more DLCs. which Deep Silver also reveals details. A battle simulator, fight your way through several steps up appears next to the "Tower Pack". The following "Developer Pack" has another single player mission called "The Spider Woman". In addition, there is a shooting range with a Metro Arena and Museum.

Finally, in Chronicles Pack you will experience the stories of the individual characters: Pavel, Anna and Khan and in other single-player missions.

MLL Faction Pack Walkthrough