New Riddick Rule the Dark (2013) One-Sheet Surfaced Online

With third entry in the Riddick film franchise, RIDDICK: RULE THE DARK, coming to US theaters on September 06, 2013, a new one-sheet has surfaced online featuring Vin Diesel as Richard B. Riddick. The film also stars other well known actors and actresses such as Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Mollà, Dave Bautista and Bokeem Woodbine.

David Twohy is directing the film once again based on his own script.

Deceived by his own people and left to die on an isolated planet. Now he must defend himself against the aggressive aliens who attack him relentlessly. To escape the hopeless situation, Riddick sends a distress signal but with lack of success. Two ships land on the planet and start look for him. One ship transports a whole new kind of brutal bounty hunters. The other is led by a man from Riddick's past and his mission is very personal. But Riddick, who has become much stronger and more dangerous than he ever before, his enemies have right where he wants.