Peter Gabriel And I'll Scratch Yours is Coming out in September

Finally, the release date is set for Peter Gabriel’s new album which he and many other artists cover each other's songs. "And I'll Scratch Yours" comes out on September 23, 2013 and will feature singers such as Lou Reed , Arcade Fire , Bon Iver and Paul Simon.

When musicians reach to a certain stage in their careers, they usually get the dreaded itch and do a covers. Peter Gabriel's new record is the second part of an intriguing project. "And I'll Scratch Yours" contains covers of 12 tracks by 12 different musicians. Eventually, a record titled "And I'll Scratch Yours" in which the 12 singers will cover each other's songs.

Not all artists who lend their hands to Gabriel’s previous album "Scratch My Back" returned. Radiohead , Neil Young and David Bowie are not featured on the new album - being replaced by Joseph Arthur, Feist and Brian Eno - who is the co-author of " Heroes ,"the song Bowie Gabriel re-recorded in 2010.

Watch Peter Gabriel version of Heroes (David Bowie)