Portal Cheat Codes, Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Those who are tired of loosing, or want to create your own challenges in a level, can do just about anything with the following cheat codes. Weapons, portals, towers, NPCs, etc. - anything you can create. Also, one or the other power-up as invulnerability, immortality, fly or walkthrough walls and obstacles is possible with the right cheat code.

Enable cheat console

Before you enter the cheat codes, you have to activate the cheat console. It is disabled by default.

In the retail version of Portal:

1 If not already present, create a new desktop shortcut to the game exe from Portal (Portal.exe). That can be found in the game installation directory (default C: \ Program Files \ portal \ Portal.exe).

2 Right click on the link or select the menu button on your keyboard to bring up the context menu.

3 Select the Properties option (usually the last option) look for the tab "shortcut" to the target line. The path should look like this: C: \ Program Files \ portal \ Portal.exe-console.

4 Confirm your entry by clicking on "OK" and start the game.

In the Steam version of Portal

1 Steam launches and changes to your games library.

2 Right click on the portal of entry to bring up the context menu and select the Properties option.

3 Click Set in the "General" tab on the Options ... button start and give the following window, enter the command console.

4 Confirmed with "Ok", the Steam Properties window closes the portal and start the game.

After you have activated the cheat console, you can play it now either directly with the ^ key (left of one). Or you go with the Esc key to go through the menu to get to the console. Important: Before you use any cheat code, you have to activate the cheats in the game. So open the console and type sv_cheats 1 a. Then you can try the following cheat codes:

budda - you are immortal.

god - you're invulnerable.

noclip - You can fly and you move through obstacles such as walls.

ent_create_portal_weight_box - You created a container that is practically solve the puzzle.

sv_portal_placement_never_bump 1 - Portal bullets bounce off of walls not more.

upgrade_portalgun - You can in addition to the blue portals create a second red portal.

fire_energy_ball - your shoots an energy ball that can be used to solve puzzles.

fire_rocket_projectile - You fire a missile (does not always work).

change_portalgun_linkage_id [number] - You can create various portal sets. [Number] replaces it with a number from 0 to 3

sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1 - You may draw your portals on any surface to create.

sv_gravity [number] - You can change the gravity. [Number] replaces it with any number of the normal value is 600, including pay reduce the force of gravity, increase values over 600 gravity.

third person - Changes to third person view.

first person - Changes to First-pPerson view.

impulse 101 - All weapons, get (from the Half Life 2).

ent_create_portal_metal_sphere - this produces a bouncing metal ball.

ch_createairboat - you summon an airboat.

ent_fire npc_portal_turret_floor color 250 0 0 0 - All guns are colored red.

ent_fire npc_rocket_turret toggle - you can all missile towers on or off.

ent_fire npc_security_camera toggle - you can all cameras on or off.

ent_fire npc_portal_turret_floor selfdestruct - instantly destroys all your guns.

ent_fire npc_security_camera break - you destroy immediately all cameras.

ent_fire picker skin 1 - Transforms the target into a companion cube around.

cl_showfps 1] - Shows the FPS rate.

cl_showfps 0] - Hides the FPS rate.

notarget - towers do not shoot at you.

host_timescale [number] - You can affect the game speed.

[Number] replaces it with a random number, "1" is the default speed.

give weapon_portalgun - you will receive the standard portal gun.

sv_bonus_map_complete 1 - Completes all challenges.

give weapon_alyxgun - you gain the Alyxgun.

impulse 200 - Hides the weapon model.

pulses 203 0 - Deletes the targeted object.

give weapon_annabelle - you will receive the single barrel shotgun Annabell.

give weapon_hopwire - You will receive a grenade that black holes can occur.

hopwire_vortex 1 - Includes black holes (important for Hopwire).

! ent_fire picker disablemotion - Freezes objects.

ent_fire picker enablemotion - Cancels the freezing of objects on again.

ent_fire npc_portal_turret_floor toggle - Turns on or off towers.

bind [key] [function] - With this cheat you can send another command to bind any key. The cheat bind v noclip is for example the key "V" with the "nocplip" command.

Summon NPCs

npc_create npc_alyx - You summon Alyx Vance.

npc_create_aimed npc_antlion - You summon a antlion worker.

npc_create_aimed npc_antlionguard - You summon a antlion guard.

npc_create_aimed npc_antlion_grub - You summon a antlion grub.

npc_create npc_barnacle - You summon Barnacle.

npc_create npc_barney - You summon Barney Calhoun.

npc_create npc_breen - You summon Breen.

npc_create npc_citizen - You summon a population.

npc_create npc_combine_s - You summon soldiers.

npc_create npc_dog - You summon a dog.

npc_create npc_eli - You summon Eli Vance.

npc_create npc_fastzombie - You summon a "fast zombie" from Half Life 2

npc_create npc_fastzombie_torso - You summon a "fast zombie torso" from Half Life 2

npc_create npc_gman - You summon Gman from Half-Life.

npc_create npc_headcrab - You summon a living head crab (Headcrab).

npc_create npc_headcrab_black - You summon a living black head crab (black Headcrab).

npc_create npc_headcrab_fast - You summon a living fast head crab (almost Headcrab).

npc_create npc_headcrab_poison - You summon a living toxic head crab (Poison Headcrab).

npc_create npc_kleiner - You summon Dr. Kleiner.

npc_create npc_metropolice - You summon a policeman.

npc_create npc_magnusson - You summon Dr. Magnusson.

npc_create npc_monk - You summon Father Grigori.

npc_create npc_poisonzombie - You summon a zombie toxic head crabs (headcrabs) throws.

npc_create npc_portal_turret_floor - You summon a cannon tower.

npc_create npc_rocket_turret - You summon a missile tower.

npc_create npc_security_camera - Created a camera (off)

npc_create npc_security_clawscanner - You summon a Shield scanner.

npc_create npc_security_combinedropship - You summon a Dropship.

npc_create npc_security_combinegunship - You summon a gunship.

npc_create npc_security_combine_camera - You summon a combine camera.

npc_create npc_security_combine_mine - You summon a hopper mine.

npc_create npc_security_crow - You summon a Crow.

npc_create npc_security_cscanner - You summon a City scanners.

npc_create npc_security_hunter - You summon a Good AI Hunter.

npc_create npc_security_ichthyosaur - You summon a Ichthyosaur.

npc_create npc_security_manhack - You summon Manhack.

npc_create npc_security_ministrider - You summon a bathroom AI Hunter.

npc_create npc_security_pigeon - You summon a Pigeon.

npc_create npc_security_rollermine - You summon a rollerball refill.

npc_create npc_security_seagull - You summon a seagull.

npc_create npc_security_stalker - You summon a stalker.

npc_create npc_security_strider - You summon a Strider.

npc_create npc_security_turret_ceiling - You summon a Ceiling Turret.

npc_create npc_security_turret_floor - You summon a Combine Turret.

npc_create npc_security_turret_ground - You summon a ground turret.

npc_create npc_security_vortigaunt - You summon a Vortigaunt Doctor.

npc_create npc_zombie - You summon a zombie.

npc_create npc_zombie_torso - You summon a zombie torso.