The Last of Us Walkthrough: University: 9 Artifacts, 5 Firefly Pendants, 2 Training Guidebooks, 1 Comic

Artifact 1: Wall Panel Note

In the building you will find a flamethrower and to the right there is another artifact.

Artifact 2: UEC Campus Map

Soon you will arrive at the next gate. Here you duck you right under the boulders and crawls through to the science building. There you will find the campus Map on a table.

Artifact 3: Students Journal

Next, you will find the Student Journal in Room 202. For this you have to use the stairs to the next floor then you will see a door on your left side. The Journal is located in one of the bedrooms.

Artifact 4: Newspaper Clipping

You will find another artifact On The Fridge In Room 209.

Artifact 5: X-Rays

In Search of the Fireflies Joel notice that you have been tracked something or someone. Joel commented after this, you walk further behind Ellie and the X-ray of an infected head is placed at the end of the corridor,

Artifact 6: Laboratory Recorder

The Recorder is in the same room with the monkeys

Artifact 7: Sniper Nest Log

After enter the university you will find a garage, inside there is another door leading to stairs, where you will find the artifact in the corner of the top floor.

Artifact 8: Office-Recorders

You go to the second floor and then go to your left and take the last door on the right.

Artifact 9:

You will get this artifact automatically as part of the story.

Firefly Pendant 1: Hope Pino

Where you found the Sniper log, go further up the stairs and find a pendant that hangs on a yellow tree.

Firefly pendant 2: Alex Rohner

After you have restored the power, take the stairs and then climb, and click the blue trash can, get to the top then you can find the next pendant.

Firefly pendant 3: Joe Warren

As soon as Joel has put on the gas mask because of the spore, you have to confront the bloater then he will drop the pendant.

Firefly pendant 4: Eric Griggs

Eventually you reach a white tent. Go back of the tent, the pendent is on a table.

Firefly pendant 5: Sadie Pearle Hickman

In the same room where you find the monkey, you go farthest right.

Training Guidebook 1: Health: Sterilization

You go to the right side of the statue in the fountain and look for the broken window through which you can climb into the building. Then jump out the window onto the roof then through another window enter into a room. The training manual lies on the table next to the window.

Training Guidebook 2: Molotov: Deployment

After Joel and Ellie break into the lab, you have to break a door again with the Shiv. Here you will find a new tool and a diary for the blast radius of your Molotov.

Comic 1: Free Radicals

You will find a comic for Ellie on the car hood at the corner of the road.