Top Earning (Highest Paid) Singers/Artists 2012-2013 Under 30

List of Top Ten highest paid singers/artists under 30 years of age during the past twelve months, 2012-2013

According to Forbes magazine, Lady Gaga is the highest earned artists under 30 years of age in the past twelve months. A magazine devoted to the world of finance said the singer earned about $ 80 million between June 2012 and June 2013.

The magazine notes that this figure could have been even greater if she had not canceled several of her tour dates due to hip surgery. It predicts that the position of Gaga at the top should remain unchanged next year, since the 27 year old singer will release her new album ("artpop") in November.

The second in the list is taken by Justin Bieber who grossed U.S. $ 58 million. Taylor Swift has taken the third place with $ 55 million - her income expected to increase soon when changing arena shows.

Calvin Harris (U $ 46 million), Rihanna (U $ 43 million), Katy Perry (U $ 39 million) and Adele ($ 25 million) are the other top earning singers in the list. The last three positions of the top 10 are accompanied by three actors: Jennifer Lawrence (from " The Hunger Games ") and two names that became famous thanks to Twilight: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

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