Aerosmith Walk This Way was penned while waiting for drugs

Steven Tyler, frontman of the Aerosmith, said that "Walk This Way" was written while they were waiting for the delivery of cocaine.

For NME, Tyler reminded that music was created in a day that everyone was "in plenty of time, waiting for the arrival of the drugs" and guitarist Joe Perry played a few notes.

"I went on stage where he was and began to jam with him. Who would imagine that a jam between me and Joe would become something so big that did what he did," asks the singer, still puzzled.

"Walk This Way" has become not only the biggest hit of the group, but also initiate a major revolution in the music world.

In 1986, Run–D.M.C with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry performed a new version of "Walk This Way", which not only put the rap in the mainstream, but also revived the career of Aerosmith.

Listen to "Walk This Way" from Aerosmith in a rare live version of 1977.