Beyonce is booed for late show at V Festival, setlist

Beyonce was greeted with boos after arriving 30 minutes late to her show yesterday (18) at the V Festival in England.

Although in the end she has won the public, the singer sang fewer songs than expected, since it was only 70 minutes show. As the "curfew" is strictly enforced in Britain, cutting a few songs from the show was necessary.

Regardless of this issue, Beyoncé made a professional presentation. The show had 16 songs from all stages of her career and five costume changes.

At the end, the crowed were not disappointed and the singer also showed her excitement over her blazing show. At one point she said that she hoped people would be talking about this in 20 years time, saying "When people ask you in 20 years, you'll be able to say 'I was at V Festival and I saw that Bee-Yon-Cee'.

Beyonce’s V Festival setlist:

1. Run The World (Girls)'
2. End Of Time'
3. If I Were A Boy'
4. Get Me Bodied'
5. Baby Boy'
6. Diva'
7. Naughty Girl'
8. Party'
9. Why Don't You Love Me?'
10. 1+1'
11. Irreplaceable'
12. Love On Top'
13. Crazy In Love'
14. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'
15. I Will Always Love You'
16. Halo'