Canon Vixia Mini: Wireless Full-HD Camcorder Available in 3 Colors

Canon widened its camcorder range with the "Vixia Mini". The device fits in any pocket and can easily share videos and photos with your friends.

The new Canon Camcorder “Vixia Mini” is 76x22x96 millimeters and weighs 160 grams that uses BSI CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12.8 mega pixels housed. It stores videos in Full HD format with 1920x1080 pixels. It has an ultra wide angle lens with a good lens speed of 1:2.8. The viewing angle is at 160 degrees and 170 degrees videos with photos. About 6.8 inches wide, fold-touch display allows the angle of view but also reduce to 71 degrees. It comes with a foldable stand for flexible use, a waterproof case for action-packed shots. By interval recording, time lapse or slow motion arise creative videos.

Vixia Mini has a wireless module, so that it can be connected to other devices such as smart phone or tablet. You can also share videos with your friends anytime on Facebook or youTube. To see a short video on a larger monitor, Canon has incorporated the so-called remote browser function, so that the video runs directly from the Vixia Mini in the browsers Safari or Internet Explorer. In addition, the camcorder is DLNA capable and streams content to a smart TV.

Canon Vixia Mini will be available on the market in mid-September 2013. It will be available in black, white and silver.


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