Chris Brown will retire, "X" will be his sixth and final effort

Chris Brown reveals his early retirement from the music world through his Twitter account. The pop star once again stated that his sixth album titled "X" will be the last effort of his career.

The reason for the outburst would be the regular charging and receiving negative reviews due to the "mistake" he committed at the age 18, when he assaulted Rihanna while dating at the time.

"Do not worry America. 'X' will probably be my last album. Being famous is amazing but I'm Tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18. I'm Cool and has overcome, "wrote the singer”.

Since the incident, Chris Brown went on to be treated with lack of sympathy and saw his place in music being increasingly limited. Even after doing time and have returned to relate to Rihanna, the singer still ranks in the top list of celebrities most hated by Americans, as recently published by Rolling Stone, which placed him on the top.