deadmau5 became the new target of Little Monsters

The Canadian Joel Zimmerman, known by his stage name deadmau5 became the new target of Little Monsters due to his criticism of Lady Gaga.

After watching of Lady Gaga practicing Abramovic Meditation, in a video released to raise fund for the institution, the DJ decided to use Twitter to criticize the Mother Monster.

“im inspired... gunna go bark at the moon for a bit, get back in the studio, bark at my computer screen and make duck noises. im an ARTIST!”

Immediately, fans of Lady Gaga came out in her defense justifying the attitude of attacking the pop star and DJ. However, some measured words and not come to threaten the mother of deadmau5.

" wow... all these tweets telling me to kill myself. the lilttle monsters are pro suicide or something? not sure what to make of that.," wrote the musician after criticism. Later, he responded directly to the user who threatened his mother: " correct me if im wrong here, @noxoasis but are you publicly threatening to murder my mother? You might want to think this one through."