Fargo: Bob Thornton to play as Lorne Malvo in FX TV Show

Billy Bob Thornton has taken the lead role in the FX’s upcoming TV series, adaptation of the film "Fargo". The Hollywood star is to be seen in a TV show for the first time since over 15 years.

The film "Fargo" is one of the great milestones in the career of the Coen brothers ("True Grit") and their cult status has firmly cemented. Now, the FX Network is currently working on a series based on the film and has worked with the Hollywood star Billy Bob Thornton ("Bad Santa"), and he has teamed up once again with FX to play the leading role in the upcoming drama. The actor personally made headlines (including in his relationship with ex-wife Angelina Jolie), so for the first time after his breakthrough in the movie "Sling Blade - The Razor's Edge" in 1996, again in a television series to see.

Thornton will play as Lorne Malvo in the series, a man who pulls an insurance agent from a small town on a path of demolition. The series will not stay true to the original film, however, it will maintain the mood and thus remain the different history close to the original. The script originates from Noah Hawley, which extends through the crime series "Bones - The Bones". The Coen brothers were so convinced by the first draft that charges only a handful of dialog proposals.

"Fargo" is planned as a ten-part series with closed end, and set premiere dates for next fall.