Haunter (2013) trailer: Abigail Breslin is a Friendly Ghost

Abigail Breslin knows with thrilling films, most recently she starred one of the main roles in "The Call - Do not hang on". Even in the upcoming horror film, "Haunter", she is playing the main role. There is now a trailer for director Vincenzo Natali’s latest project " Haunter".

Director Vincenzo Natali has been through the horror thriller Cube and Splice and made a name. Haunter is again a contribution to the horror genre - but this time from a different perception. The young actress Abigail Breslin who’s playing the lead role in the horror film has also starred in Zombieland and The Call - Do not hang up! .

Lisa (Abigail Breslin) found that she experienced the same day again and again. She and her family are clearly in a time warp. While her parents and her brother apparently noticed nothing of the strange situation. Strange things happen around them and strangers appear seemingly out of nowhere and disappear again.

Soon Lisa learned the secret: She and her family are no longer alive, but ghosts! Apparently a brutal killer put them in this situation and he is in danger now...

Haunter will release in the U.S. theaters on October 18, 2013