In A World Like This, Teen Beach Movie-OST, Nothing To Lose & Tracing Back Roots are the Most Exceptional albums of this week

Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This

No doubt that the boyband enjoyed more prestige and sales achieved in the second half of the 90s. But they are still out there with a good fan base and even a certain moral criticism – their new album got average reviews from various newspapers, websites and magazines.

" In A World Like This "is the eighth studio album from the band that brings the pop that has always characterized, even though a bit more mature. The album is the first one to release independently, also marks the return of Kevin Richardson to the band after seven years away.

Listen to "In A World Like This ":

Teen Beach Movie – Soundtrack

Two weeks ago, Soundtrack to Disney’s Teen Beach Movie was reached at number eighth on the Billboard charts. This week it peaked at number 3. The reason for this is simple; from one week to another the film was aired on television, which suggests that the soundtrack quite pleased the audience.

Now, Disney is attempting to bring back the so-called" beach movies" as they were very popular in the 60s. These films had romance, surfing and rock in its formula, and were hit with the youth of the time. In the newest version we have Ross Lynch (Austin series Austin and Ally ) and Maia Mitchell as protagonists.

Check out "Surf's Up" from the Soundtrack of the movie:

Emblem3 - Nothing To Lose

This band is formed by brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick, also all instrumentalists and composers. They became famous after take part in the program "The X Factor" (where they finished fourth).

The debut album of them brings a little pop, rock, reggae and. The band already has a good number of followers, which is expected to grow very soon as they are scheduled to open for Selena Gomez upcoming tour.

Listen to " Chloe (You're The One I Want) with Emblem3: "Nothing To Lose"

We Came As Romans - Tracing Back Roots

The big surprise of the charts this week is the entry of the third album from We Came As Romans in the top 10. For those not familiar, they are an American metalcore band - that blends punk, heavy metal, pop hooks and vocals.

The success of this album is perhaps not only the fact that the band was able to increase its fan base in recent years, but also the greatest care with the production.

Listen to "Fade Away with We Came As Romans from the album" Back Tracing Roots