James Blunt reveals cover and tracks for Moon Landing

The British singer James Blunt had already revealed the first single, "Bonfire Heart", from his upcoming fourth studio album, Moon Landing, which produced by Tom Rothrock with collaboration of Moby, Foo Fighters, and also the debut album from the singer, "Back To Bedlam".

The successor of "Some Kind Of Trouble" comprises 11 tracks and is scheduled for release on October 21, 2013.

Check out the list of songs on "Moon Landing" and hear "Bonfire Heart" below:

01. "Face the Sun"
02. "Satellites"
03. " Bonfire Heart "
04. "Heart to Heart"
05. "Miss America"
06. "The Only One"
07. "On Sunday Sun"
08. "Bones"
09. "Always Hate Me"
10. 'Postcards'
11. "Blue On Blue"