John Mayer and Travis releases are among this week's highlights

John Mayer - Paradise Valley

John Mayer is a reliable and talented musician who has been in the music scene over a decade since his debut album “Room for Squares” in 2001.

His sixth studio album "Paradise Valley" doesn't carry any uninteresting numbers and each composition is filled with an enchanting vibe - that the musician does so well of soul, southern rock, ballad, country and soft rock and all delivered with great simplicity and good taste.

Among the standout tracks are "Who Do You Love", featuring Katy Perry, his latest romantic track "Wildfire" that includes in two versions on the album, one featuring Frank Ocean.

But perhaps the best song on the album is the inspired ballad "I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea)", surely one of the best ever made by the singer.

Listen to "Wildfire" by John Mayer from the album "Paradise Valley"

Luke Bryan - Crash My Party

Highlight on the Billboard album chart this week is the fourth album by country music star Luke Brya.

Just say " Crash My Party "debuted straight in the first place with incredible 528,000 copies sold in its first week of release - more than the sum of all the other albums that are in the top 10 - an impressive feat and rarely achieved.

Bryan may not be very popular among critics. These are not very fond of his songs ranging from romanticism and odes to beer or country life, but for the average American is the guy.

Listen to "Crash My Party" with Luke Bryan from the album of the same name.

Julia Holter - Loud City Song

Although little known to the general public, Julia Holter is quite dear for a share of the criticism that always praised the singer's albums recorded in her home studio.

"Loud City Song" is her third studio album and I believe this album is so different than her previous material. Not that it's a blockbuster album, far from it.

Also she did not give up certain experiments - the groans heard in "horns surround me for example, are her friend after playing catch-up for a few minutes on the terrace of the building where she lives.

The album earned 9 or 10 stars in almost all major music publications from England and the USA and is a strong candidate to be present in several lists of the best albums of year 2013. Ie, it is a job that at least deserves to be recognized, as strange as it sounds at first auditions.

Listen to "Maxim's I" with Julia Holter , from the album " Loud City Song "

Travis - Where You Stand

For a few moments Travis was probably the biggest band in England. Fans were delighted with Fran Healy melancholy ballads like " Why Does It Always Rain On Me "and bought millions of copies of" The Man Who "(1999) and to a lesser extent, its successor "The Invisible Band” .

The group can also take credit for lying the foundation for the success of bands like Coldplay, Keane , Snow Patrol and others who joined the indie 90s with soft rock seventies.

Interestingly the group ended up not keeping the same level of success, unlike their colleagues. With every release, although the standard of quality in their work has been held, the commercial performance was dwindling.

"Where You Stand" in any way you can change that. The album received good reviews and its entry into the UK Top 10 is virtually assured.

Listen to " Where You Stand with Travis from the album of the same name